Reggie Evans; Best game of his career

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Reggie Evans; Best game of his career

Dude just posted 22 points, 26 rebounds tonight.

When given the minutes, is there a better rebounder than Evans?

Plays 23 minutes per game and averages 10+ rebounds a game

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Interesting fact is that he's

Interesting fact is that he's never averaged more points than rebounds in a single season, probably one of the only guys who that is true for, it's amazing

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He surpassed Kendrick Perkins

He surpassed Kendrick Perkins as my favorite player earlier this season, he's an incredibly hard worker, but we won't see his real value until the playoffs, remember, it was he and Kenyon Martin, not DeAndre and Grffin who were able to outlast the Memphis bigs last year.

And it doesn't hurt to have him on my fantasy team, lol.

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Kevin Love

Still think Love is the best rebounder in the NBA, but regardless Evans still is a beast.

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I honestly think if Evans

I honestly think if Evans were to consistently get around 30-36 minutes a night he would get Rodman-like rebounds

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Ok , can someone now give

Ok , can someone now give Brook Lopez a break with a vaccum cleaner like Evans out there!

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