Redoing the 2012 draft

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Redoing the 2012 draft

1. New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis
2. Charlotte Bobcats - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
3. Washington Wizards - Bradley Beal
4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Dion Waiters
5. Sacramento Kings - Thomas Robinson
6. Portland Trail Blazers - Damian Lillard
7. Golden State Warriors - Harrison Barnes
8. Toronto Raptors - Terrence Ross
9. Detroit Pistons - Andre Drummond
10. New Orleans Hornets - Austin Rivers
11. Portland Trail Blazers - Meyers Leonard
12. Houston Rockets - Jeremy Lamb
13. Phoenix Suns - Kendall Marshall
14. Milwaukee Bucks - John Henson

Mo Harkless,Royce White,Tyler Zeller, Terrence Jones.Andrew Nicholson, Evan Fournier,Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo,John Jenkins. Jared Cunningham,Tony Wroten Jr.,Miles Plumlee,Arnett Moultrie,Perry Jones III,Marquis Teague, Festus Ezeli

Above is how the 2012 lottery played out. How do you guys think it would be done today if teams knew then what they do now? Who falls? Who rises? Would anyone take Lillard #1? Would Austin Rivers even get drafted?

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What do you guys think?

1 Anthony Davis
2 Andre Drummond
4 Harrison Barnes
5 Damian Lillard (Slides because Was and Cle already have franchise pg)
6 Bradley Beal
7 Terrence Ross
8 Dion Waiters
9 John Henson
10 Jeremy Lamb
11 Tyler Zeller
12 Terrence Jones
13 Jared Sullinger
14Meyers Leonard

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Still too early, some guys

Still too early, some guys like Lamb haven't logged many minutes(he's killing the D League though) and some guys like Austin Rivers are taking longer than expected to adjust to the pro game.

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I would take Drummond over

I would take Drummond over Anthony Davis, seeing how the two have played this season. Drummond has shown glimpses of being a franchise cornerstone. He is also rebounding and blocking shots at a higher rate than Davis, not to mention the physical talent between the two is obvious with Drummond being bigger, stronger, longer, and just as mobile.

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I know everyone is obsessed

I know everyone is obsessed with Drummond on here but Davis shoots better, dribbles better, passes better, has a much higher bball IQ, higher motor, is just as long, and is more mobile than Drummond...Its a joke to me that anyone would take Drummond over Davis...Davis can also guard any position on the court, drummond can not...

Drummond shows no potential as a shooter or playmaker...40% foul shooter and no abilities at all outside of 5 feet from the basket...

Drummond is also putting up inconsistent numbers against the other teams second unit...Davis is a starter and is still rarely used on offense and still has 4 20/10 games...

Davis clearly displays more potential, at least to anyone who actually watches the games instead of highlight reels, and still should be the #1 pick...

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It sounds like you don't

It sounds like you don't watch much of Drummond though. First off, you talk about shooting and dribbling when they play 2 different positions. Yes, Davis being able to shoot and dribble at the 4 is awesome. Andre is a C and doesn't have to do much of that but I would say above average at doing it at his position. Dwight Howard doesn't dribble or shoot much but he's been an all star for about 6 years in a row now.

Then you talk about how much more mobile Davis is. Davis is a very fluid athlete but so is Drummond. The guy is 290 pounds and moves his feet like a guard. He outruns a lot of people on the break and his hands and feet are quick enough to strip guards of the ball. It is insane that you think Davis is more mobile than Drummond when they are at worst equals.

Then you say it's a joke to you that anyone would take Drummond over Davis. Why? Because Davis makes a jumper or 2? At this point, their future look bright for either one. They can both be super successful on both ends of the court.

And yea his FT's need to improve but he has good form and his soft touch I believe will translate into a better shooter soon.

I think it is way to early to say Drummond should have been picked first or even second but to say anyone from this draft class in far and away better than Drummond is absolutely comical.

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Too Early but...

Ok, it's too early to make this call. But since I have to, here's mine:

1) Davis
2) MKG
3) Drummond. Wall and Drummond would be awesome together.
4) Beal. Barnes would also be good here, either way, they get a starting quality SG or SF
5) Lillard. The Kings desperately need a PG, Lillard would have gone a long way with that team
6) Barnes. Would have allowed them to let Batum walk and not (at the time) overpay him.
7) Leonard. Good insurance for Bogut, cause he's gonna get hurt.
8) Robinson. Hasn't really had the chance to shine this year, but would be good for Raps.
9) Lamb. They need an SG, and has more long-term potential at this point than Ross
10) Marshall. The Marshall to Davis alley oops would be brilliant
11) Ross- a true SG for Portland (Matthews is undersized)
12) Henson
13) PJIII- Pho weren't going to contend, could afford to take a gamble on his potential
14) Sullinger- they have lots of guys that can defend, but nobody that can score down low

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I don't see any reason why

I don't see any reason why the Raps would take Robinson other than as a value pick. At that point they had Ed Davis and JV up front, no need to add another inexperienced big man. I just wish Barnes had fallen to 8th, then we wouldn't have had to make the Rudy Gay trade

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11) Ross- a true SG for Portland (Matthews is undersized)

"11) Ross- a true SG for Portland (Matthews is undersized)"

Undersized what????

then : DeShuan Stephenson, Courtney Lee, Gerald Henderson, Lance Stephenson, Iman Shumpert, Arron Afflalo + a lot of others who are smaller and are well and truly able to hold down the 2guard spot e.g Dwyane Wade

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Interesting topic...

Would like to see this topic again after the season though... but so far yes their would be changes... Some players drafted though just haven't had opportunity yet, so it's hard to say... Players like Fab Melo or Jeremy Lamb have had some great DLeague showings and Thomas Robinson hasn't had opportunity I believe because of attitude mostly... hard to judge those players... I know Andre Drummond would rise because of how good he's been and how much upside he has... I'd still take Anthony Davis 1st pick... Lillard is a tough call... I'm glad he's on Portland because they needed a PG the most of the teams ahead of them in the lottery... but I might take him at 3 with the Wizards, move John Wall at the 2 spot... May sound crazy to some people, but I think that could work... The only real disappointment is Austin Rivers and maybe Kendall Marshall, but I just haven't seen enough of him to know... Seems to me that MKG, Bradley Beal, Dion Waiters, Harrison Barnes, and Terrence Ross are all somewhat close, just depending on the team needs... I would consider Crowder in the first round though... It is a solid draft class...

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I didn't have an account then

I didn't have an account then but I really thought wizards would have taken drummond at 3. Back in 08 (?) I thought Deandre Jordan was a for sure lottery pick.

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I'd move Drummond up a few

I'd move Drummond up a few places but the others seem to be doing just fine and a lot are justifying their draft positions such as Waiters, MKG, Lillard etc. Davis had a spell out but is coming along nicely, lets look at it in a couple of years to get a real feel of how the players are stacking up..

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If I was the Bobcats I would consider taking Lillard and trading away Ramon Sessions. Bring Kemba in as the 6th man or trade him too; they have enough holes to fill.

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First of all, it's way to

First of all, it's way to early to determine who was better than who. In 2004 Emeka Okafor won ROY over Dwight Howard but who ended up being better out of those two? Exactly. Also it's hard to rank MKG because of him struggling but you have to keep in mind that he is the youngest player in the NBA. Damian Lillard may by far be the best rookie but you also have to know that he is 3 years older than Anthony Davis, MKG and Bradley Beal and he went to college for 4 years unlike those one and done players.

1 Hornets: Anthony Davis
2 Bobcats: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (I already mentioned why he struggling)
3 Wizards: Bradley Beal
4 Cavs: Andre Drummond
5 Kings: Damian Lillard (Only slipped because the Wizards and Cavs already have franchise PG's)
6 Blazers: Harrison Barnes (Wouldn't of had to re-sign Batum for all that money)
7 Warriors: Dion Waiters (Then would have kept Dorrell Wright and had a backup for Klay Thompson)
8 Raptors: Terrence Ross
9 Pistons: John Henson (With Drummond already taken, they would have a good PF to work with Monroe)
10: Hornets: Jeremy Lamb (Even though he hasn't been getting minutes, would make a way better backup SG than RIvers)
11: Blazers: Tyler Zeller (I think would have been a more solid pick than Leonard)
12: Rockets: Jared Sullinger (Could have been traded for Harden anyway but they wanted a better backup bigman)
13. Suns: Terrence Jones (Shouldn't have drafted a PG if they would make Marshall 3rd string anyway)
14. Bucks: Tony Wroten (Already had a loaded frontcourt and would have a better backup for Jennings)

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I remember having Drummond at

I remember having Drummond at #2 and some called me crazy! However I'm also the guy who had Moultrie and Perry Jones in the top ten...

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Top 4 1- Anthony Davis 2/3-

Top 3
1- Anthony Davis
2/3- Andre Drummond
3/2- Damian Lillard
(like i said preseason)
4- Harrison Barnes

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It's just funny, no offense

It's just funny, no offense to anybody that sided with Anthony Davis.....but i remember me and alot of other people said Drummond was the best prospect in the draft due to his athleticism, physical tools, and age, but we got blasted, hell if you said anyone was better than Davis last year(Lebron James included) , you might have got your card revoked lol.

But it's turning out to be Dummond is the best prospect in this draft, all the HS scouting services said it all along about Drummond, if he reaches his potential he will easily be a franchise caliber player......seems they knew what they were talking about.

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That's a bold claim to make. I'd still take Davis over Drummond; not a better athlete but he is a better basketball player imo.

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I cannot recall exactly where

I cannot recall exactly where I had Drummond on my mocks and he was hard to place as with Davis consensus number 1 then if he hadn't been taken by Washington or Charlotte, the next few teams had bigger needs in other positions or frontcourts in place maybe apart from Portland who we all guessed wanted a PG and a big with their two lottery picks. Once they took Lillard at 6th then Drummond was likely to fall a bit further.

Joe Dumars at Detroit despite drafting Darko and blowing cap space on Charlie V and Ben Gordon has otherwise drafted well over the years and no doubt sat there waiting for Drummond to fall to him. Three years in a row he has drafted superbly or has been lucky enough to have players fall into his lap.

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before the draft last yr I

before the draft last yr I was saying that perry jones, Drummond and davis were the 3 guys with the most overall talent and potential... none of us can speak on perry jones just yet since hes gotten no burn for OKC..... personally.... I still think that Anthony davis will be the best player from this draft with andre possibly (and hopefully) coming in second.... davis and Drummond are the only two guys with superstar potential from the 2012 draft.... its not like davis is having a bad rookie yr... hes getting 13 a game in 28 min... shooting above 50 percent from the field... over 70% from the line.. 1.8 blocks a game.. getting 8 boards... doesn't sound to bad to me... davis wont turn 20 until march... and davis right now is clearly.. w/o question the better player than Drummond

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