Redd or T-mac to philly ?

Both the Bucks and the Rockets have 2 star players that they want to get rid of. The sixers are looking for a SG. They would perfer Redd but I don't know how badly the bucks want him gone. The trade proposal for redd is him for Sam dalembert, Willie Green, and a future lottery protected # 1. The same is for Mcgrady but it would include Reggie Evans for money reasons, then he would be cut and sign with the sixers again.

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Would love Redd but..

I would love Michael Redd on the Sixers.
There are some problems however.
We'd have to get rid of either Thaddeus Young (don't want to) or Brand (very hard to do).
Maybe instead of trading Dalembert we trade Brand to the bucks. He'd fit in very well with the defensive minded Bucks.

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Same thing i would say. nice

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sixers should not get t wac unless it involves lowry in some way

dont see the rockets doing that for anything less than E.Brand/iggy or both.Dalemberts not worth that much to a team that still owns Yao Ming and 3 good pfs(4 if Dorsey ever becomes da player he could have been...Its not worth it for an aging t mac that could have been honest in the summer and gotten surgery in time to make that second half run for a true contender that was only missing that t mac providing x factor ...come on a healthy tmac on that houston team would have been great for them.Redd for Brand straight up would be the best bet.Milwuakee needs a true pf that can bring that defensive mindset and 20 and 10 when healthy doesnt count for nothing...Brand will definitly avg. 20 and 8 on the bucks who welcome that with open arms...Redd torn his Acl,Brand Torn his shoulder...Im not sure Redd would that great of a player next year but if gets rid of EB's contract for the next 4 yrs then Ok lets get M.Redd at 75 % taking those open 3's we couldnt hit last year.No one knows if it will really make us better to have Tmac or Redd both former All stars like Brand.I just wish they figure out our idenity and follow the course....

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Sammy, willie, and future protected first?? Helllll Yeaaa!

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We need neither T-Mac or Micheal Redd. Both are injury prone players. History tells that we are quick to get players that are done. We traded for Glen Robinson, we dot Derrick Coleman, We got Jamal Mashburn, We got Chris Webber, We now have Elton Brand..We either get them injured on pass there Prime. The best thing would have been Josh Smith with the offense that we have. If we would have gotten Josh Smith, Maurice Cheeks would still be our Coach. Ed Stefanski made a HUGE mistake signing Elton, now he has to get out of it. The best trade senerio would be sending Elton to Golden st for Anthony Randolph and Monte Ellis, that would be the only trade that would cure this mess. Elton doesn't fit our offense, he fit's in golden st better. Monte wants to leave and Anthony Randolph is always in Don Nelson's dogg house for not playing hard in practice. I would have loved to get Stephon Jackson, he would have fit perfect for our offense. We have a mess here in Philly with no room to get out. Nobody want's Sammy D and he doesn't want to be here..Elton has to go elsewhere to get his sanity back. I wish I was the Sixers GM..We would win a Championship...haha

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I somewhat disagree with

I somewhat disagree with some of that. I think Elton is still an affective player, I just think he still has yet to get his legs under him and find a role on the team. Lets me honest, Brand isn't the 20,10 guy that he used to be, but I think he's still capable of being a 15 and 8 guy. That would satisfy me personally. The guy who is screwing everything up is Sammy D. If he didn't have such an absurd contract life would be a lot better being a Sixer fan. No one right now, besides MAYBE Iverson is a natural #1 scoring option, and when he gets healthy it's going to be a crisis trying to figure out how to work Lou and Iverson in together. And Brand would be a terrible fit for GS in my opinion. Don Nelson love to push the ball and have bigs that can take people off the bounce. I just don't see how he would fit there. And GS would never take Elton for Randolph and Ellis.

The Sixers have no offensive identity. When you watch them you see everyone standing around watching Iggy create offense when personally he is a #2 or 3 option on most teams and would be much better feeding off of a true scoring threat. His %'s are down quite a bit from when he played alongside Iverson years ago. I just said this in another post, but I would love to see them land someone like a Joe Johnson, or someone to get a consistant 20 points everynight and allow everyone to feed off of that, instead of having to share so much of a scoring load because everyone is inconsistant offensively. And then someone inside that can bang, get boards and play tough D.

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God couldnt have said it better

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