Recreate your team with past nba draft

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Recreate your team with past nba draft

Alright so here the rules to this:

1. Pick your favorite team, and for this thread your roster is completely empty, but coaches are the same

2. Using your teams draft 1st round positions from the years 2000-2011(you can not pick players who are drafted before your teams position, so if your team picked 10th in the 2000 draft you can't pick player drafted 1-9, but can choose any player that was drafted 10-60 and undrafted players) create the best 12 man roster you can come up with. If your team does not have any first round picks for a certain year, or ,your draft position is automatically the 15th pick for that year.

3. Be sure to choose a good balance of positions,and chemestry of players. Good Luck!

heres a link of all the draft years

My answers will be included in the next post, don't to make this too long

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My Team- NJ Net2000- 1st

My Team- NJ Net

2000- 1st pick PF Kenyon Martin(same as orginal)..draft was kind of weak, and I could have choosen Michael Redd, but I kenyon martin was pretty good for us, and is still pretty good now, redd has more injury prone over the the last few years.

2001- 7th pick SG Joe Johnson good scorer and could be a 1st or second option

2002- 24th pick SG Roger Mason Jr. good backup to joe johnson

2003- 22nd pick- Josh Howard Sf- had good years with the mavs, think he can complement the team well

2004-22nd pick Anderson Varejao- can be a spark off the bench, plus we get his flops haha

2005- 15th pick Danny Granger- would be a starter nice scorer along with joe johnson, and josh howard off the bench

2006-22nd pick- PG Kyle Lowry- good back up pg, 23rd pick- PF/possible C Paul Milsap

2007- 17th pick PF/C Sean Williams- i really liked him as a player, could block shots like crazy.. I think he can still contribute to a team dispite his immaturity

2008 10th pick George Hill 21st pick Deandre Jordan

2009- 11th pick Jrue Holiday- another pg

2010 3rd pick Derrick Favors, play him as a center, good defender and good potential

27th pick Jordan Crawford

2011 27th pick Jeremy Tyler


PG- G.hill, Jrue Holiday(2 interchangable starters), lowry

Sg Joe Johnson, Jordan Crawford, R. Mason

Sf Danny Granger, Josh Howard

Pf Kenyon Martin, Varejao, Milsap, S.Williams

C Derrick Favors, Deandre Jordan

Sorry orginal post meant to say 12 min 15 max players, if team has more then one pick in 1st round you can choose to use both or forgo one of them

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Wizards 2000: Screw this weak


2000: Screw this weak draft

2001:1st round: Pau Gasol 2nd round: no pick

2002: 1st round: Carlos Boozer

2003: 1st round: Leandro Barbosa 2nd round: Mo Williams

2004: 1st round:Luol Deng 2nd round: Trevor Ariza

2005: 2nd round: Andray Blatche

2006: 1st round: Rajon Rondo

2007: 1st round: Nick Young 2nd round: Marc Gasol

2008: 1st round: Serge Ibaka

2009: Wizards made no picks......

2010: John Wall

Starting lineup pg: John Wall/Rajon Rondo/Mo Williams

sg: Nick Young/Leandro Barbosa

sf: Luol Deng/Trevor Ariza

pf: Pau Gasol/ Carlos Boozer/Andray Blatche

C:Marc Gasol/Serge Ibaka

Not bad...... But, the Wizards didn't have too many good choices to begin with

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My Team

I took the Raptors. It's sad looking at those draft picks from years ago and to see what they could have been :(

2000 21st pick- Michael Redd, good shooter off the bench without injuries

2001 17th pick- Tony Parker, nice starting point guard who can score and is a winner

2002 20th pick- Luis Scola, backup power forward who you don't have to worry about when you put him in

2003 4th pick- Dwayne Wade, the superstar of the team and main focus

2004 5th pick- Josh Smith, starting power forward who can focus on defense and can play some small forward when Scola/Davis come in

2005 7th pick- Andrew Bynum, starting center who will man the low post and gobble up rebounds

2005 16th pick- Danny Granger, starting small forward who can spot up, defend, and rebound

2006 1st pick- Rajon Rondo, Not ideal choice but need a backup point guard

2008 17th pick- DeAndre Jordan, backup center who can put in energy and rebound

2009 9th pick- Demarr DeRozan, can backup up both the 2 and 3 and catch lobs from Rondo

2010 13th pick- Ed Davis, energy guy off the bench to block shots and rebound

2011 5th pick- Jonas Valanciunas, project big for now


Pg- Parker, Rondo

Sg- Wade, Redd

Sf- Granger, DeRozan

Pf- Smith, Scola, Davis

C- Bynum, Jordan, Valanciunas

lots of size down low and good defensive players at most positions

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I will do Timberwolves. Timberwolves is not my favorite team but i just want to see would I do a better job than Kahn is. Wolves has a very interesting situation since they were good in the early 2000s, and they forfeited several picks due to salary cap violation. I still picked at their forfeited spots instead of number 15. Here goes:

2000: Hedo Turkoglu. I picked him over Redd just because I would need a healthy player. Hedo can play 3 positions.

2001: Gerald Wallace. This is a very hard choice. Randolph, Arena, and Parker are all good choices. However, there are some years I will be picking bigs for sure. Wallace will provide energy, defense, and rebound to the team.

2002: Carlos Boozer. With such low pick, I have to go with Boozer who slipped into second round in the real deal.

2003: Kendrick Perkin. Low pick yet again. Perkin will be a defensive specialist on the inside.

2004: Tony Allen. YEP! Tony Allen over Josh Smith, Jefferson, Martin, and JR Smith. I need a guard who can defend.

2005: Dannry Granger. Picking him over David Lee because I have enough big guy. Granger is a versatile wing.

2006: Rajon Rondo. A pure point guard that will involve everyone around him.

2007: Joakim Noah. He will bring energy and winning attitude to the club.

2008: Eric Gordon. Yeah, it is kind of werid to pick him over Westbrook and Love, but I deperately need a good SG. Gordon is arguably one of the top 5 SG in the league today.

2009: Stephen Curry. There are so many good point guards this year. I will choose Curry but use him mainly as a shooter since I already have Rondo as my start PG. Maybe he can teach Rondo how to shoot too.

2010: Demarcus Cousin. He has great potential but just has some attitude problem. I believe the new coach Aldeman would keep him in check.

2011: Derrick Williams. An easy number 2 pick.

PG: Rajon Rondo; Stephen Curry

SG: Eric Gordon; Tony Allen

SF: Danny Granger; Gerald Wallace; Hedo Turkoglu

PF: Carlos Boozer; Derrick Williams

C: Joakim Noah; Demarcus Cousin; Kendrick Perkins

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LAL (2000)#29-Michael


(2000)#29-Michael Redd.... star scorer shooter.

(2001)#15 no pick originally-Tony Parker...scorer,champ,2 way play

(2002)#27-Rasual Butler...Kind of a head scratcher with the names still available, but this guy is a good glue player who will be able to plug in when needed and is a pure spot up shooter to space the floor.

(2003)#24-Josh Howard...Terrific 2 way player who could put up big numbers early in games to get the team going.

(2004)#27-Chris Duhon...Heady backup, leader, 2 way play, terrific pick and role, 40% spot up 3pt shot

(2005)#10-Andrew Bynum....Has had injury concerns, but ith his size hes can dominate games on that alone. worth the pick, champion

(2006)#26-Paul Millsap...terrific bench big with a great motor and terrific work ethic

(2007)#19-Marc Gasol...Great team player, willing backup , huge, two play, can step into starter role at any time bynum were to get hurt

(2008)#15 no original pick-Serge Ibaka...Insane defender, athlete, developing midrange shooter,

(2009)#29-Jonas Jerebko...versatile defender,long decent athlete, hustle, and good spot up 3pt shot

(2010)#15 no original pick-Hassan Whiteside...Another head scratcher but is the athletic piece at the 5 for shotblocking and running when wanting to go run and gun fast break offense and constant switching on D

(2011)#15 no original pick-Iman Shumpert...Of course he'd be my pick, I'm a fan of athletic defenders.Versatile offense and defense






Not a lot of your traditional PJ triangle type players, but Phil knows how to get the best out of his players, and the tri is such an intricate offense, it can actually be facilitated and initiated by any player. The offense is built for versatility. My guess would be feeding the bigs and allowing for a lot of Pick and rolls along with regular post passing to shooters.

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Milwaukee Bucks 2000 #9 Hedo

Milwaukee Bucks

2000 #9 Hedo Turkoglu- Take away the bloated contract and he'd be a nice bench option #43 Michael Redd- I'll keep this pick as Redd. Was a top SG scoring option for awhile until the contract and injuries derailed him.

2001 Pass #51 was their only pick

2002 #13 Tayshaun Prince- He can be my starting 3 with a lot of solid players around him #35 Udonis Haslem- My junkyard dog, Boozers there but I hat everything about his game lol

2003 #8 David West- 20-8 guy, stretch 4 whos efficient and good FT shooter

2004 No Picks

2005 #1 Chris Paul- Franchise centerpiece #36 Monta Ellis- Bench spark plug, Paul-Ellis starting backcourt is too small, could fill in for Redd whos always injured.

2006 #39 Paul Millsap- Proven role player and starter who puts up #s regardless of minutes

2007 #6 Joakim Noah- Great all around player, versatile, complements West nicely

2008 #8 Javale McGee-So many options...Brook, Hibbert, Jordan but Imagine this guy as your backup center, swatting shots and catching lobs from CP3 #37 Mbah a Moute- designated defender

2009 #10 Jrue Holiday- Wasnt high on him coming out but he's really surprised me so far #41 Chase Budinger- Prospect, Not a Thornton fan either

2010 #15 Larry Sanders- Some work down low and extra strength and he'll be a gamechanger especially on D

2011 #10 Jimmer Fredette- designated shooter


G- Paul - Holiday - Jimmer

G- Redd - Ellis

F- Prince - Mbah - Turk - Budinger

F- West - Millsap - Haslem - Sanders

C- Noah - McGee

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2000- Mike Redd

2001- Gilbert Arenas

2002- Carlos Boozer

2003- Kendrick Perkins

2004- Iggy

2005- Danny Granger

2006- Rajon Rondo

2007- Thad Young

2008- Roy Hibbert

2009- Jrue Holliday

2010- Evan Turner

2011- Kenneth Faried

PG- Rondo, Holliday

SG- Redd, Arenas, Turner

SF- Iggy, Granger

PF- Boozer, Young, Faried

C- Perkins, Hibbert

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Sixers...but built with a

Sixers...but built with a mindset to be its best in the 2012 season. Cap in mind to some extent as well.

2000- DeShawn Stevenson

2001-Tony Parker

2002- Luis Scola

2003- David West

2004- Andre Iguodala

2005- Monte Ellis

2006- Rajon Rondo

2007- Thad Young

2008- Roy Hibbert

2009- Jrue Holiday

2010- DeMarcus Cousins

2011- Kenneth Faried

PG: Jrue Holiday/Rajon Rondo/Tony Parker- Very deep, great quickness/speed. Jrue adds size and shooting ability.

SG: Monte Ellis/DeShawn Stevenson/Iggy- Monte would be the #1 scorer, DeShawn provides D off the bench.

SF: Iggy/Thad Young/Stevenson- Same SF core as now. Very athletic, solid ball handlers. Versatile.

PF: Luis Scola/David West/Kenneth Faried/Young- Scola and West stretch the floor and provide post game. Faried applies the D and collects the boards while providing athleticism.

C: Roy Hibbert/DeMarcus Cousins- Hibbert, a 7-2 defensive force inside. Cousins give potential, a better offensive game, and some versatility at the 4 and 5.

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Realistic Raptors... I think

Realistic Raptors... I think about this quite often. Here are players we actually would have taken. For example, Wade was not considered to be as good as bosh at the time of the draft, so we would still have bosh. What stands out immediately in the raptors drafts is the lack of picks in 2007 and 2008, which were used in trades.

I was screaming for Iguodala and Granger in the 2004, 2005 drafts... that would have been a pretty solid team. alas..

2000: Mo Pete

2001: Zach Randolph

2002: Tayshaun Prince

2003: Chris Bosh

2004: Andre Iguodala

2005: Danny Granger, Gerald Green, Roko Ukic

2006: Andrea Bargnani, PJ Tucker

2007: No pick

2008: No pick

2009: Brandon Jennings (only bc he's a better position for this team than demarr)

2010: Ed Davis

2011: Jonas Valanciunas


PG: Brandon Jennings, replacement player

SG: Andre Iguodala, replacement player

SF: Danny Granger, Tayshaun Prince

PF: Zach Randolph, Andrea Bargnani, Ed Davis

C: Chris Bosh, Jonas Valanciunas

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M - Dymes and Apb540

I cant believe you both picked Iggy again the same person who has been turishing our team since 04. We will never be able to get out of the first round with him. Mind Blowing that you guys are serious about that.

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Maybe the reason we can't get

Maybe the reason we can't get out of the 1st round is b/c we have yet to get the sixers a 1st rate scorer or a capable starting center. Iggy is currently used as that guy but that shouldn't be his role. He would be perfect as a 2nd or 3rd scorer, as his overall game is phenomenal. I gave the sixers Monte Ellis and a boatload of great players to play with Iggy. The only guy I may have considered over Iggy, going by these rules, is Josh Smith.

If you can't realize that...that is what is truly mind-blowing.

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2000: No pick (traded away)

2001: Send the Terminator back in time to prevent McHale from being a [email protected]$$ and illegally signing Joe Smith (of all people)

2002: See 2001

2003: Kendrick Perkins (who really thought drafting Ndudi Ebi was a good idea? Lol)

2004: See 2001, 2002

2005: Danny Granger over Rashad McCants

2006: Rajon Rondo would have been nice; keep Roy if he didn't have the knee issues

2007: Joakim Noah (Brewer is too much of a stick to be a starter)

2008: Eric Gordon (rather then K-Love (originally Mayo))

2009: Kahn Epic Fail...lemme take over. Instead of Rubio, Flynn, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington, I'll take Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Omri Casspi, DeJuan Blair

2010: DeMarcus Cousins over Wes Johnson

2011: Derrick Williams was the right choice

PG: Rondo, Curry

SG: Gordon, DeRozan

SF: Granger, Casspi

PF: Noah, Blair

C: Cousins, Perkins

Combo: D(errick)-Will

That'd be one hell of a team...shows how much the Wolves suck at drafting...haha

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2000: Michael Redd, shooter off the bench

2001: Tony Parker, team point guard

2002: Tayshaun Prince, defense

2003: Carmelo Anthony, scorer and #1 option

2004: no pick

2005: Marcin Gortat great center off the bench

2006: no 1st rounder

2007: Marc Gasol great center and Aaron Afflalo good defender and shooter

2008: Chris Douglas Roberts, great off the bench

2009: Taj Gibson, energy off the bench

2010: Greg Monroe, good big man

2011: Jimmer, scorer off the bench

Parker - Afflalo - Anthony - Monroe - Gasol

Jimmer - Redd / CDR - Prince / CDR - Gibson - Gortat

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Cleveland Cavaliers: 2000:

Cleveland Cavaliers:

2000: Took Jamal Crawford, traded him for Chris Mihm. I'd keep Jamal Crawford.

2001: Took Sagana Diop at 8. I'd take Zach Randolph.

2002: Took DaJuan Wagner at 6. I'd take Amare Stoudemire.

2003: Took LeBron James at 1. I think I'll stick with that.

2004: Took Luke Jackson at 10. I'd take Al Jefferson.

2005: Clevleand did not have a selection in this draft.

2006: Took Shannon Brown at 25. I'd take Paul Millsap.

2007: Cleveland did not have a selection in this draft.

2008: Took JJ Hickson at 19. I'll take Goran Dragic. Love his potential and I have a ton of bigs already.

2009: Took Christian Eyenga at 30. I'll take Marcus Thornton.

2010: Cleveland did not have a selection in this draft.

2011: Took Kyrie Irving at 1. I think I'll stick with that.

Starters: Irving-Crawford-James-Stoudemire-Randolph

Bench: Dragic-Thornton-Whoever-Millsap-Jefferson

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Nice, everyone has made some

Nice, everyone has made some nice choices and they have all been different. Maybe I'll make a thread so we can vote who made the best team after this thread finishes.

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M - Dymes

That 100% true that the reason why we can't make it out of the first round is because of lack of the #1 option.

I totally agree with you its just well I have been a season ticket holder since 04. So I know that Iggys game is not used in the right way on our team. Maybe I just said that because I don't like him as a sixers and I know the majority of Sixers fan do not like him or his role on the team. We just need to move into an other direction. Also Im just sick of him but my bad about saying it the way I did

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2000: Mike Miller, Michael Redd

2001: Pau Gasol (Elton Brand/Tyson Chandler trade), Joe Johnson

2002: Amare Stoudimire, Juan Carlos Navarro

2003: Kendrick Perkins (one pick away from being able to grab Kaman)

2004: Josh Smith, Kevin Martin (Trade where we picked up Luol Deng)

2005: None

2006: Rudy Gay

2007: Joakim Noah

2008: Derrick Rose

2009: Jrue Holiday

2010: James Anderson

2011: Shelvin Mack

Pg- Derrick Rose, Jrue Holiday, Shelvin Mack, Juan Carlos Navarro

Sg- Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, Kevin Martin, James Anderson

Sf- Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, Mike Miller

Pf- Pau Gasol, Amare Stoudimire

C- Joakim Noah, Kendrick Perkins

* have to add that I've been on NBADraft for 3 years now and this was one of the most interesting and fun posts I've ever seen... +1 to u sir

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Thunder. 2000: DeShawn


2000: DeShawn Stevenson

2001: Zach Randolph

2002: Luis Scola

2003: Kendrick Perkins

2004: Josh Smith

2005: Marcin Gortat

2006: Rajon Rondo

2007: Kevin Durant

2008: Russell Westbrook

2009: James Harden

2010: Jordan Crawford

2011: Reggie Jackson

PG: Westbrook / Rondo / Reggie Jackson
SG: Harden / Jordan Crawford / DeShawn Stevenson
SF: Durant / Josh Smith
PF: Zach Randolph / Scola
C: Gortat / Perkins

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Warriors 2000- Hedo


2000- Hedo Turkoglu

2001- Zach Randolph

2002- Amare Stoudemire

2003- David West

2004- Al Jefferson

2005- Danny Granger

2006- Rajon Rondo

2007- Nick Young

2008- George Hill

2009- Stephen Curry

2010- Landry Fields

2011- Chris Sigelton

PG- Rondo-Hill

SG- Curry-Young

SF- Granger-Turkoglu-Fields-Singelton

PF- Zach Randolph-David West

C- Stoudemire- Jefferson

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2000-hedo turkoglu

2001-(2nd Rd) Andres nocioni

2002-Carlos Boozer

2003-(2nd Rd) Kyle Korver

2004-Chris Duhon

This is not going well for the Pacers

2005-We'll stick with Danny Granger

2006-Rajon Rondo


2008-Stick with Roy Hibbert

2009-Chase Budinger

2010-Landry Fields

2011-Jeremy Tyler






WOW. This is horrible. This team is arguably worse than the real team. All of the great players came really high in the draft and the Pacers have built through trades and Free agency.

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Since ^ did thunder, than i will do.......


2000: Michael Redd SG

2001: Gerald Wallace Sf

2002: Carlos Boozer pf

2003: Josh Howard sf

2004: Jameer Nelson pg

2005: David Lee pf

2006: Rajon Rondo pg

2007: Joakim Noah c

2008: Bill Walker sf

2009: Taj Gibson pf

2010: Jordan Crawford sg

2011: Jordan Williams C

C: Noah/ Williams

PF: Boozer/Lee/Gibson

SF: Wallace/Howard/Walker

SG: Redd/Crawford

PG: Rondo/Nelson

Boys and Girls, thats what i like to call the spread out Miami Heat!

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That team would miss the playoffs. The Celtics would throw them on the floor and have them.

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Well, depends on whether

Well, depends on whether we're talking about washed up Michael Redd, or the hella raw Michael Redd. And the team isn't that bad, they would probably finish 3rd in the East.

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San-An-tony!!! 00 - 41st pick


00 - 41st pick Michael Redd

01 - 28th pick Gilbert Arenas (Funny that the original pick was Tony Parker)

02 - 26th pick Carlos Boozer (Although he would leave)

03 - traded 28th pick to PHO

04 - 28th pick Anderson Varejao

05 - 28th pick Andray Blatche (Imagine him learning under Timmy, WOO!)

06 - traded 29th and 59th pick

07 - 28th pick Marc Gasol

08 - 26th pick George Hill

09 - 37th pick DeJuan Blair

10 - 20th pick Landry Fields

11- 15th pick Kawhi Leonard

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Orlando Magic 2000, pick 10:

Orlando Magic

2000, pick 10: Deshawn Stevenson

2001, pick 15: Zach Randolph

2002, pick 18, Tayshaun Prince

2003, pick 15, Kendrick Perkins

2004 pick 1, Dwight Howard

2005 pick 11, Danny Granger

2006 pick 11, Rajon Rondo

2007 pick 15, Arron Afflalo

2008 pick 22, Serge Ibaka

2009 pick 15, Jrue Holiday

2010 pick 29, Landry Fields

2011 pick 15, Donatas Motiejunas

The Team:

PG - Rajon Rondo, Jrue Holiday

SG - Arron Afflalo, Landry Fields, Deshawn Stevenson

SF - Danny Granger, Tayshaun Prince

PF - Zach Randolph, Serge Ibaka, Donatas Motiejunas

C - Dwight Howard, Kendrick Perkins

This team should be absolutely dominant defensively with Howard, Rondo and Afflalo anchoring the starting lineup and guys like Holiday, Stevenson, Prince, Ibaka and Perkins coming off the bench. Granger should be a nice wing to compliment Howard and Randolph will ensure that no other front line can handle our power, strength and skill.

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For my team I still have the

For my team I still have the Seattle SuperSonics around but here we go:

2000: Michael Redd
2001: Gerald Wallace
2002: Luis Scola (using 2nd rounder, Only pick Sonics had)
2003:Kendrick Perkins
2004: Josh Smith
2005:Marcin Gortat
2006: Rajon Rondo
2007: Kevin Durant
2008: Kevin Love
2009: Rick Rubio
2010: Landry Fields


PG: Rajon Rondo, Ricky Rubio
SG: Gerald Wallace, Landry Fields
SF: Kevin Durant, Josh Smith
PF:Kevin Love, Luis Scola
C:Marcin Gortat , Kendrick Perkins

Not a bad team. Got my assists down with the 2 point guards, (assuming Rubio is an assist machine like advertised) Both my SG's play nice D, as well as Wallace is a good rebound/scoring player. KD runs the offense, and Josh smith is a menace defensively. Kevin Love and Luis scola, Nice PF's and then I got my 2 Centers down low guarding the paint, and not really having to do much of anything else.

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Gerald Wallace is most definitely NOT a Shooting Guard.

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Im also gonna do the Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

2000: Eddie House

2001: Tony Parker

2002: Carlos Boozer

2003: Josh Howard

2004: Kevin Martin

2005: Andrew Bynum

2006: Brandon Roy

2007: Kevin Durant

2008: Serge Ibaka

2009: Taj Gibson

2010: Jordan Crawford

2011: JaJuan Johnson

C: Bynum/Johnson

PF: Boozer/Ibaka/Gibson

SF: Durant/Howard

SG: Martin/Roy/Crawford

PG: Parker/House

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Proud...Do you think that

Proud...Do you think that transitioning from SF to SG would be that difficult of a transition for Gerald Wallace? In fact his height and style of play would allow him to take advantage of the SG's in the league (for the most part)

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2000- #25- Everyone can go Michael Redd so I won't. Eduardo Najera

2001- #50- Jarron Collins

2002- #9- Amare Stoudemire(the original pick)

2003- #17- David West

2004- #7- Luol Deng(the original pick, just not traded)

2005- #21- Jarrett Jack

2006- #21- Rajon Rondo(the original pick, not traded)

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Hit enter by accident, wont let me edit and add more.

2007- Arron Affalo 24th

2008- Roy Hibbert 15th

2009- Jrue Holiday 14th

2010- Derrick Caracter 46th

2011- Jordan Hamilton 13th

Solid team

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