Recommendation for This Site

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Recommendation for This Site

I love how this website tracks the draft projections throughout the year but I just have one small recommendation that I feel a lot of viewers would appreciate.

If a juxtaposition of draft "snap shots" could be completed I think that would be neat to see. What I mean by this having NBADRAFT's projection right after the previous year's draft, prior to the beginning of the college season, after the college season, and prior the actual draft. I think having these 4 points in time next too each other would be great to see who has slid and who has risen over these time periods. Just a simple article having this info would be great.

I just always find myself wondering how far a player has slipped due to a bad college season or pre-draft workout. This would allow for that.

Once again I love the job the site already does.

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That is a great idea...we

That is a great idea...we could see how far somebody like Shabazz slides over a year and how somebody like Trey Burke moves up.

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