Rebuilding The Sixers Part 2

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Rebuilding The Sixers Part 2

Ok, so my original post on this called for a total reconstruction of this team. Maybe it's from frustration of seeing this team being mediocre all the time, but I would not mind seeing this team being totally rebuilt. Nevertheless, here's a simpler set of scenarios that would still satisfy me. What do you think?

1. Draft: The best PG available. They do not have to make some big play to draft a guy like Ricky Rubio, just stay at the 17 spot and draft the best PG left in the draft pool. Any of them (Maynor ,Flynn, Teague, Lawson, Holiday, or Calathes) would be alright with me. It's just not looking like a good idea, given how much he would ask for, along with his age and where the team is at, to re-sign Andre Miller. Unless the Sixers get fancy, looks like moving Lou Williams to start, and drafting a rookie PG to back him up would be the best move at this position.

2. Trades: Before I had some crazy trades going on. Here, I would call for only two. A. 4-way trade with ATL, NJ, and POR: ATL would get Elton Brand and Willie Green, NJ would Get Sergio Rodriguez, POR would get Thaddeus Young and Reggie Evans, and PHI would get Rudy Fernandez, Travis Outlaw, Sean Williams, Josh Smith, and Speedy. Yeah, due to how many players the Sixers get, they would have to initiate this deal. But each of the other teams benefit from this. ATL would get a consistent high producer, fundamental guy in Brand, and someone who could fill Flip Murry's role if they are unable to re-sign him in Willie Green. Josh Smith, while talented, has proven he can't exactly get along with coach Mike Woodson, so this move makes sense from that standpoint for ATL. Smith would just fit in so well with the up-tempo game of the Sixers. Claxton is simply a filler in the trade to get off the Hawks books someone they have no purpose for. He would be any more than a 12th, 13th guy on the Sixers roster. For the other teams: NJ would get a good quality PG to back up Harris, giving up a player they don't really want anymore in Sean Williams. If Rodriguez proves to not pan out in NJ, he is in the last year of his rookie contract anyways. For POR, they get a versatile scorer in Thaddeus Young, and a rebounding, bruiser type PF they've been looking for in Evans. Young can play both forwards position, and can be effective as a both a starter and 6th man. This move also ultimately shortens the Blazers rotation, something they just have to do to perform better in the playoffs. Evans will be able to contribute what this team didn't have this past season, while not commanding that many minutes. I just love that the Sixers would get shooters, shot blockers, and athleticism.

B. Trade with IND: Samuel Dalembert for Jamaal Tinsley and Jeff Foster. Ultimately, this move is Dalembert for Foster, as I would like Tinsley to be bought out and waived. IND has an issue buying out Tinsley's contract. The Sixers would not have as much of an issue, see Chris Webber. Depending on the buyout price, the Sixers would save money, plus get a player who brings consistent effort in Foster. Though statistically they're the same, Foster would prove to show hustle without making the dumb mistakes Dalembert makes. For IND, I think they would just be more relieved than anything to get rid of Tinsley's contract. Plus, they have Roy Hibbert waiting for his minutes, so he probably would have been the starter, regardless. Dalembert can just be an expensive bench player, especially if Jim O'Brien is still the coach, as he already chose Marc Jackson over Dalembert back in his Sixer head coaching days.

Signings: If you counted the current roster, trades, and the one first round draft pick, it leaves the team with only 11 players. With the mid-level, they would sign two players to fill the required 13 minimum. I see Keith Bogans for a back-up spot up shooter position. I think Kareem Rush had a hard time with that role. I see Bogans filling that role no problem, as such a high percentage of his shots are 3's anyway. For coach, we need a fresh face with little Philly ties this time, so I like Tom Thibodeau alot. He's defensive minded, and has added great things to his resume that last few seasons. With the roster full of defensive minded players, he would fit in well.

This roster would not be a championship caliber team right away, but these moves keep Iguodala in the fold with players he would preferably like to have. He expressed his disgust in the team's finish this season, and stated he would talk to Stefanski about moves they should make, so these moves to me appear to be along the lines he'd like. I think this team would be more talented over Sixer teams of the recent past, but could still end up anywhere from a 4th seed, to failing to make the playoffs. I think they would be a high quality PG and C away from being a serious contender, but at least they would be in better shape to make moves for those types of players.

Starters/Backup: PG: Lou Williams / (Draft Pick)
SG: Rudy Fernandez / Keith Bogans
SF: Andre Iguodala / Travis Outlaw
PF: Josh Smith / Sean Williams
C: Jeff Foster / Marreese Speights

Bench/ Inactive: Jason Smith, Speedy Claxton, (Free Agent)

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