Rebuilding the Sixers

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Rebuilding the Sixers

Sixer fan or not, we can all see the Elton Brand experiment not working out to well for both parties. He's having his worst season of his career, and the Sixers have him currently coming off the bench, a major red flag that Coach DiLeo has lost faith in him at the moment. Either way, the Sixers are proving to be a bottom tier team in the East, and with Andre Miller being an older free agent it's hard to see him wanting to come back to a team not ready to win a championship. So I have a 2 year plan on what I believe would change the team immensely.
1. Trade Andre Miller to the Utah Jazz for Brevin Knight, Ronnie Price, Kosta Koufos, and Matt Harpring. Why would the Jazz do this move? Essentially Miller would take the combination of Knight's and Price's minutes, which totals to just over 30 a game. The Jazz could use him intergangeably starting or have him be the 6th man. Either way I think Miller would be happy to be back in Utah and would be ok with either role. The Jazz really only give up a nice prospect in Kosta Koufos, but they still have Mehemet Okur and Kyrylo Fesenko. They give the two backup PG's expiring contracts, and Harpring who has fallen out of the rotation. Miller's expiring contract gives them more flexbility in re-signing their free agents Boozer and Milsap, and I'd think Miller wouldn't mind returning to this team if he has success here. Sixers obviously fear they won't be compensated upon an Andre Miller departure, so this move would make sense in bringing some talent back.
2. Trade Samuel Dalembert and Royal Ivey to the Miami Heat for Mark Blount and Marcus Banks. This move is really only a money saver for the Sixers. Blount's contract comes off the book by 2010, and Banks's contract is about 4.45 Mil on his final deal. Saves the Sixers about 5.5 Mil. This move would be very nice for the Heat, especially if they can't work out the Jermaine O'Neil for Shawn Marion trade, getting a true center and a better backup PG in exchange for non rotation players.
3. Elton Brand for Rasheed Wallace. While I'd hate to be the Sixers management and call it a bust acquistion for Brand, very simply put it's just not panning out how we'd like. Wallace's contract comes off the books this summer, so basically Sixers can start over as if the Brand signing never happened. Plus sending Brand to the Pistons would take away cap room from a team the Sixers could potentially be competing with. I think it's fair to believe the Pistons would like this move for the future, tagging Brand with a nice core of Stuckey, Hamilton, Prince, Maxiell, and Afflalo .
4. The big one. This move would have to be in the off-season because the main player is a BYC player, with all the fancy trade rules for this player. This move would be Andre Iguodala, Jason Smith, and the draft rights to their first round pick to Portland for Rudy Fernandez, Jerryd Bayless, Travis Outlaw, and Martell Webster. Portland would really like this move giving them a lock down defender, another ball handler to take pressure off of Brandon Roy, and shortening the rotation. A problem Portland is having this year is simply to many bodies, with guys like Bayless struggling to get mintues. This goes without saying Webster has been out all year, what if he were healthy?
Basically, I kept the moves down to where teams coudln't pass up on the trade proposals. But how is it good for the Sixers? Well I would see next season as very much to let the young guys prove themselves. The roster would be L. Williams, R. Fernandez, T. Young, M. Speights, K. Koufos, J Bayless, M. Webster, T. Outlaw, R. Evans, M. Blount, W. Green, M. Harpring, with Banks probably being the inactive player. The young guys would now get the opportunity to play big roles, and would probably struggle a bit next season. But this would give them a new experience, a probably high first round draft pick, and much cap room. Outlaw, Blount, and Harpring's contract all expire after next season. Doing the math, the Sixers's total salary number would be 33.5 million, nearly 25 Mil in cap space. Given all the young talent the Sixers would have, I would think I big name free agent (Chris Bosh please) and maybe another good talent would seriously consider Philly.

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Season or 2

Give the Brand experiment one more season or 2. Igoudala and Miller still adjusting to Brand's post presence. As seen earlier in the season, wehn Brand dominates, this team wins. It's just a matter of wether Iguodala and Miller are willing to sacrifice points for the benefit of the team.

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It don't matter now

Yeah Elton Brand's shoulder has now shelved him for the rest of the season...but yeah this year Elton Brand's best scoring games came against New York (24pts, 14 Reb), Toronto (25pts 8Reb), GS (23pts 12 Reb) and Washington (27pts, 9 Reb)...not exactly quality teams the Sixers got a big game from him and still won. When he had big games against teams such as Atlanta, Orlando, and Boston the Sixers lost. Even when healthy and in sync with the players, for whatever reason the team does in not an improved one on the court. Face it, while Brand could put up 20 and 10 a game on this team, the team would be no better than slighty above .500. Why settle for that when we could build a real solid team with just one bad season for rebuilding?

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none of them trades will happen


i dont kno why they signed brand the sixers do half ass jobs

instead of rebuilding they try to contend?

after iverson they should have started to rebuild

they still tryed to contend


the got 2 nice young players

speights and young

but damn rebuild trade

andre miller to a championship contending team


and put him a shooting gaurd and have him running point

if nelson wasnt hurt

they could make nelson attcak like a 2 gaurd and shootr like a 2 gaurd at the 1 gaurd postion


i think he a b a gud fit

and trade andre iguodala and brand

for soild building blocks

wats the point of havin a true small forward play shooting gaurd

make the sixers a run and gun team

the 1 that beat the celtics and beat the cavs last year and got cheated out a play off berth

i want that team back

trade brand he slow things down

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Give Marreese Speights more

Give Marreese Speights more playing time and they will win more.

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The Brand experiment

The Brand experiment defintley failed so it should be interesting to see how they address that over the summer especially since they pretty much have his replacement already in Mareese Speights. They are going to make the playoffs so the year wasnt a total failure, they could probably use a scoring point guard or scoring center because they most likely wont be one of the Easts top teams with the current team they have now

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i agree with alex boii

i agree with alex boii

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