The Reason The Knicks Is Possibly Selecting Stephen Curry

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The Reason The Knicks Is Possibly Selecting Stephen Curry

I believe the Knicks is going to select Stephen Curry, for 2 reasons. 1) He fits their need for a playmaking point guard, that can shoot the ball exceptionally well...2) LeBron James loves Stephen Curry... He went to a couple of Davidson games this past season...LeBron told reporters Curry is a special player, and he's a big fan of his, and that Curry will be an amazing player when he gets to the NBA, so with that said, Curry defenitely seems like the Knicks pick at 8th...With lethal shooters around LeBron, such as Curry and Gallarni, Curry wouldn't have to worry about being a playmaker that much because LeBron will find him, to spot up and shot

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Curry seems like a decent

Curry seems like a decent playmaker to me,although I can understand the concerns since he's a converted SG.
Defense is the part of his game I'm most worried about.

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Im tired of hes to small

The knicks played Nate Robinson whos 5'7! at shooting guard Steph Curry is way better shooter, not a me-first guy, and half a foot taller

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Currys' stock is on the rise

Currys' stock is on the rise though. He may not make it to the Knicks. I agree though LeBron wants to play in New York. He wants to be King of New York. He also would love to play with Curry.

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So....Lebron would leave Mo Williams for Stephan Curry..Really?

The game is not played behind the three point line people. I just dont get why people aren't using logic in analyzing Stephan Curry's game.

There is nothing new under the sun...Curry is no better a shooter than JJ Redick (and i hate duke), eddie house, etc. How will he finish against bigger players? How will he handle the ball? He's mediocre at both.

People say he showed he can play PG, but if i want a PG than i want a PG (Flynn, Lawson, Maynor, Jennings), not a SG moving to PG. If he's gon play PG, he's back to square 1. More holes in his game than strentghs.

You mean to tell me that Lebron James, who just lost a series w/ 4 40% caliber 3 point shooters (Mo, West, Szcerbiak, Gibson), to get over the hump he needs...a shooter. Tha fuk outta here man.

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I would have to disagree

I would have to disagree with you s2jepeka about curry's shooting ability in comparison to j.j redick & eddie house. The difference is that curry can put the ball on the floor & shoot off the dribble, neither one of those guys can do that (also take a look at curry's shooting percentages when he was playing alongside jason richards @ davidson). Also, curry's basketball IQ is superior to both of those players. People tend to overlook that basketball is just as much a mental game as it is physical & if you need proof do some research on one michael jordan or larry bird.

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i rather have jru holiday on this team. I know hes not that good of a shooter but hes a pure pg, he is athletic and a great defender. You can learn to shoot, you cant learn to have long arms and be athletic. I would not be mad if we took curry but i prefer holiday over him. I really hope we get one of the big men hill or thabeet because after watching howards dominationg performance no team from the east will make it to the finals for the next 10-12 years if the team cant stop superman, even if u have king james.

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I agree with NYK423. We need

I agree with NYK423. We need a player that has a true position. Size is a huge bonus. You cannot compare Nate with Curry. Nate has freakish speed and athleticism that allows him to get any shot off. Curry is slow and the defenders are bigger and faster in the league. And please give up. LEBRON IS NOT COMING TO THE KNICKS!!!!!

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