Realities of 2014 and beyond...

Realities of 2014 and beyond...

Those teams we've laughed at for stinking, are about to get great players. This draft is hypped. There is projected to be at least 4 franchise players, but probably more.

Busts aside, the following teams seem very likely to get future superstars.

Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Orlando.

My question is which of the 3 teams will win a playoff series first and when. Please also state which player they take.

My guess is that Orlando take Wiggins at #3 and make the playoffs next season behind Vucevic, Afflalo and Oladipo. But of course it's just a guess.

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Sixer fan here

Of course I'm biased, but we'll likely have two Top 10 picks plus Noel, who would have been the top pick last year except for his injury - I'd say that group tossed in with Rookie of the Year MCW will make us exciting if not instant winners.

I do believe the Magic have more in place to win quicker though

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I think Orlando will also

I think Orlando will also make the playoffs next year but not with Wiggins. Instead I think they will pick Embiid. With Embiid, Vucevic, Harris, Oladipo, and 12th pick Ennis. Afflalo will be traded for bench help (possibly starting 3)

the Jazz will also make the playoffs with Parker. Favors, Parker, Burks, Burke. I could see Hayward or Kanter being traded for a starting 4. (As a jazz fan I'm praying for Greg Monroe)

when will those teams win a playoff series maybe the following year (2016)

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I doubt that Aaron Afflalo

I doubt that Aaron Afflalo gets dealt unless he wants out of Orlando. Rob Hennigan clearly understands that its important to have uselful veterans to help lead the younger players. I believe that's why they resigned Jameer Nelson rather than letting him go.

If the Jazz were in the East I'd agree they'd be a playoff team, but the West is so tough its hard to be certain who'll make the playoffs. I mean when multiple teams over .500 even one with 47 wins doesn't make the playoffs its tough out there. Plus I don't envision any of the playoff teams in the West getting worse while I imagine the Suns, Timberwolves, and Pelicans should be competing for a playoff spot and are a little farther along than the Jazz.

Of the bottom four teams I'd give the Magic the best shot at the playoffs next year. Even without their picks they should be better just because their young players will keep developing. The Jazz are a close second, but as I mentioned before the West is very tough.

The Bucks and the 76ers have too many question marks to be sure how their years will go. The Bucks currently have more young talent than the 76ers, but that could change quickly once Nerlens Noel returns and if the 76ers end up having lottery luck and getting two top 10 picks (their own plus retaining the Pelicans pick).

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Offline They will then make the playoffs in 2015

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Do you actually think Wiggins

@Rip255. Do you actually think Wiggins will slide down to your Magic at 3 ?

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