Realistic Potential NBA Comparison For 2014 Top College Prospects

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Realistic Potential NBA Comparison For 2014 Top College Prospects

1.Andrew Wiggins = Andre Iguodala / Corey Brewer
Best comparison in my opinion

2.Jabari Parker = Grant Hill / Antwon Walker
I used to think that Jabari played alot like carmello, but jabari lacks carmello's dynamic physical strength and ability to play with alot of physicality and a bull dog type of physical toughness. So in my opinion the next best comparison is Antwon Walker who was very skilled and a great all-star level combo forward when he was playing at a very high level ( example: )

3.Alex Poythress = Jeff Green / Brandon Bass
I love Alex Poythress potential and think that he can develop into a pretty good combo forward in the NBA, he's been blessed with great physical tools and has a strong foundation of pretty good basketball skills. He just needs to improve his mental skills - mainly his Feel For The Game , Decision Making Skills, and Basketball I.Q

4.Julius Randle = Zach Randolph / Amar'e Stoudemire
I predict that Julius will be the number one pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, because he's the only player in college who has the talent, skills, physicality, and desire to destroy and dominate his opponents. He simply want's to chew up and spit out every opponent he goes up against. He will be in beast mode every time he steps on the court this college basketball season - guarenteed

5.Marcus Smart = Andre Miller / Chauncey Billups

5.Semaj Christon = John Wall

6.James Young = Jeremy Lamb

7.Andrew Harrison = Jarret Jack / Randy Foye

8.Aaron Harrison = Rashad McCants

9.Gary Harris = Eric Gordan

10.Wayne Selden = Jimmy Jackson

11.Jahii Carson = TJ Ford

12.Kyle Anderson = Boris Diaw

13.Isaiah Austin = Charlie Villanueva
Isaiah is talented and very skilled but he lacks the physical strength and the needed physicality that you want in a high level power forward

14.Aaron Gordon = Kenyon Martin

15.Mitch McGary = Jeff Ruland
Jeff Ruland was a early 1980's all-star center who used to dominate the bosten celtics and the eastern conference before injuries ended his career ( )


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I feel like Andrew Wiggins is

I feel like Andrew Wiggins is a mix of Paul George and Maurice Harkless. I agree with your Randle, Parker and Young comparisons.

Marcus Smart= Taller Eric Bledsoe

Andrew Wiggins= Paul George/Maurice Harkless

Wayne Seldon= Dion Waiters

Your list is a 8/10 to me, pretty spot on.

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Im tierd of this,imagine that

Im tierd of this,imagine that i gave you -

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I think your comparisons are

I think your comparisons are okay, but seem to be pretty pessimistic to be honest. Here are my comparisons for the players you mentioned.

Andrew Wiggins---Dominique Wilkins

Jabari Parker---Jamal Mashburn

Alex Poythress---Earl Clark

Julius Randle---Karl Malone

Marcus Smart---Manu Ginobli

Semaj Christon---Brandon Jennings

James Young---Eddie Jones

Andrew Harrison---Damian Lillard

Aaron Harrison---Dion Waiters

Gary Harris---Bradley Beal

Wayne Selden---Corey Maggette

Jahii Carson---Isaiah Thomas

Kyle Anderson---Jarred Jeffries

Isaiah Austin---BJ Mullens

Aaron Gordon---Tyrus Thomas

Mitch McGary---Josh McRoberts

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Got a good laugh from the

Got a good laugh from the Jabari/Antoine Walker comparison. Thanks

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Andrew Wiggins = Paul George

Andrew Wiggins = Paul George meets Trevor Ariza meets Caron Butler

Jabari Parker = Paul Pierce meets Tobias Harris

Marcus Smart = Rich man Dion Waiters

Julius Randle = Josh Smith / Antwan Jamison meets Lamar Odom

Andrew Harrison = Rodney Stuckey

James Young = Nick Young

James McAdoo = Derrick Williams

Chris Walker = Anthony Randolph

Wayne Selden = Xavier Henry

Aaron Gordon = Michael Beasley

Alex Poythress = Al Thornton

Kyle Anderson = Evan Turner

Dario Saric = Hedo Turkoglu

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... And dream

... And dream potential

Andrew Wiggins = Julius Erving / Dominique Wilkins

Jabari Parker = Carmelo Anthony meets Larry Bird

Marcus Smart = Dwayne Wade meets Jason Kidd

Julius Randle = Chris Webber / Karl Malone

Andrew Harrison = Tyreke Evans meets John Wall

James Young = Michael Redd

James McAdoo = James Worthy

Chris Walker = Kevin Garnett

Wayne Selden = James Harden / Elgin Baylor jaja

Aaron Gordon = Blake Griffin

Alex Poythress = Antwan Jamison

Kyle Anderson = Evan Turner :/

Dario Saric = Tony Kukoc

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Iggy has made 1 all star game

Iggy has made 1 all star game in 9 seasons. I am going to go out on a limb and say Wiggins will surpass that within his first 5 seasons. He does have similar physical gifts but he has more of a scorers mentality and although his jumpshot isn't co.nsistent yet I believe he is a better shooter at the same age judging from the 20% clip that Iggy put up as a freshmen from 3.

My best comparison for Wiggins at this point would be Dominique meets T-Mac. He has multiple all star games written all over him so while he may not be a transcendent star like LeBron who will dominate the league he will still be a stud.

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Finally someone with a

Finally someone with a sensible analysis.
I find it amusing that draft websites and members love to compare draft prospects to 1st year nba players who are nowhere near their ceilings.

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Let me try my hand at this.

Let me try my hand at this. I'll add what I think will be players numbers in their prime years

1. Andrew Wiggins - Tracy McGrady/Scottie Pippen. Somewhere between being better than Pippen with better scoring ability.
26ppg 8rpg 4apg 2spg 1.2bpg
2. Julius Randle - Charles Barkley/Josh Smith. At athletic power forward who I hope uses his abilities more like Barkley and less like Smith, probably falling bewteen those two.
22ppg 11rpg 3apg 2bpg 1spg
3. Jabari Parker - Carmelo Anthony. I don't know if i've been brainwashed to make this comp but he's an average athlete who makes up for it with a highly polished offensive game, sounds like Melo to me.
21ppg 7rpg 3apg - average defender, no stats
4. Marcus Smart - Joe Dumars/Dywane Wade - Not nearly as good a Wade, not what I mean. He'll be a physical attacking guard who can pass too, Dumars as a defender and size.
19ppg 9apg 6rpg 2.8spg under a block
5. Aaron Gordon - Shawn Marion - Gordon looks like he'll be an above average scorer and rebounder but to me he's going to be an intangibles guy, playing both forward spots and contributing across the board
18ppg 9.5rpg 2.5apg 2steal and 2 blocks
6. Andrew Harrison - Baron Davis - a big guard who can handle the ball
16.5ppg 8apg 4.5rpg 1.5spg
7. Dario Saric - Toni Kukoc, because we all make comparisons based on who they look like. Saric is a better rebounder, worse shooter.
16ppg 10rpg 5apg 1.5bpg
8. Gary Harris - Eric Gordon
17.5ppg 3rpg 4apg 1.5spg
9.James Young - Michael Redd/Corey Brewers size
19ppg 6rpg 2apg
10. Glenn Robinson 3 - Loul Deng. Hes more athletic but 3 inches shorter so ill call it a push.
17ppg 7rpg 2apg
11. Mario Hezonja - Sasha Vujacic, but better we hope. I'm clutching at straws now with players we haven't seen a lot of.
12. Jahii Carson - Allen Iverson/TJ Ford. I think he'll land somewhere between those two
19ppg 8apg 1.5spg
13. Spencer Dinwiddie. no comp for that moustache of his
14. Willie Cauley Stein - Tiago Splitter - a competent but completely underwhelming centre
13ppg 9rpg 2bpg

I was running out of steam by the end, that took ages

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lol i agree with a majority

lol i agree with a majority of what you put opposed to many others on here. Am I the only one who sees a much more athletic/Shooting version of Zach Randolph in Julius Randle though?

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Some of these predictions are getting ridiculous.

Just let them play at least one season of college ball, people.

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Wow, a lot of people are

Wow, a lot of people are reaching on guys they never seen played an NCAA game before. So many HS top recruits have been let's calm down and see how these guys perform on the next level. We have a lot to learn about their game that you can never seen in HS basketball.

Mario H is underrated on here.

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It isn't about what you can't

It isn't about what you can't see with is what you can see. I am as sold as him as I have been on any player since D Rose. I don't know that he will ever reach MVP status but it wouldn't surprise me if in 7 or 8 years he is in the conversation because he has all the talent in the world.

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