Realistic Player Comparison For Trey Burke

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Realistic Player Comparison For Trey Burke

Best Case Scenario: Terrell Brandon
Worst Case Scenario: Earl Watson

I loved, loved, loved Terrell Brandon as a NBA Point Guard. It seemed like he got better every year. He was a lottery pick, two time all-star, and arguably a top 6 or 7 point guard during his time when he was playing at an extremely high level in the NBA. Great leader, good scorer, great play-maker, and talented passer, who played with a tremendous amount of poise, toughness, and confidence ( Terrell Brandon ) ( Terrell Brandon ) ( Earl Watson - a solid back-up point guard )

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Pretty good comparison

I think he is more pass first than Brandon but no arguments here on either comparison

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Terrell Brandon??!!

Terrell Brandon??!!

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Best case scenario is Tony

Best case scenario is Tony Parker now. Worst case is Mo Williams. He is a sure fire top 10 pick at this point. He is the one guy who actually made a positive case for being a top 5 pick during the tourney.

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Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions

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Jameer Nelson

Trey Burke, like Jameer, does not have great size for a NBA pg. Trey Burke, also like Jameer, is a good leader who has a knack for knocking in 3 pointers. Trey has a bit more athleticism. Jameer has had a consistent NBA career as a starter and even had a trip to the Finals.
I believe this is a very realistic comparison to Trey Burke.

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less athletic Damian

less athletic Damian Lillard...

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For all the &$#%#&@! that MCW

For all the shit that MCW has gotten for supposedly racking up all his numbers against bad teams, Burke is shooting around 38% from the field when he plays against decent competition, and he tends to shoot the ball more in those games than he does against lesser competition.

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