the real deal is 1 and 2.

To start this off, I like the optimism from a few fans whos teams ended up screwed in this draft. I'm sorry that Sac got 4th. But to settle the truth, Clippers will not pass up griffin and memphis will not pass up rubio. OKC will end up with thabeet most likely. Sac has the choice of hill, harden, derozan, jennings and more. Sac has zero chance of getting rubio, unless they trade up, which I don't seem them having enough to convince a trade. Sac could help fill their pg need with jennings, whether it works or not.

I really hope Lac takes rubio, but they will most likely take griffin. Lac is jammed with 5 bigs already (camby, caman, jordan, zack r, skinner). With their pg's, they have bdavis...and mike taylor and some other scrub....why not take rubio and trade bdavis? If this happend, it'd be another miracle for memphis.

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too late

i just read dunleavy (gm and coach) said of course he'll take griffin.

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