re-talks about the top 5 best teams

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re-talks about the top 5 best teams

the list use to be
#1 ( or 2) boston.
#2 ( or 1) Lakers
#3 Spurs
#4 Orlando
#5 Cleveland.

i see that orlando has matched gortat. now does anyone know if bass is unrestricted? because if he is..orlando won't have to worry about dallas matching him and looks like a serious competitor...AGAIN. I am not a fan of any of these top 5...but orlando looks to be the best team....((((((( UNLESS)))))))) ...the lakers keep odom...and the celtics keep big baby.

orlando now has
howard - gortat
bass - anderson
lewis - pietrus
carter - redick
nelson - anthony j.


the top 5 teams in my opinion are (until further free agent signings)

1. ( or 2 or 3) Lakers - if they get odom...this is a done deal for another repeat
2. (or 1 or 3) Orlando - stay healthy and we'll see what they do.
3. (or 2, or 3) Boston. - if they get big baby back..and maybe a sg/sf hybrid..scarey again.
4 Spurs - will they give a run at l.a?
5. Cleveland. - i just don't see this being enough...close...but still

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All of the top 5 teams are

All of the top 5 teams are stacked with talent. Lakers and Orlando seem to have the best talent. Boston may be too old(maybe). Cleveland and SA are definetely not going any where and will be top 5. Denver has a chance to run at SA & LA in the west. Here's my order...
1. Lakers- Didn't do anything except upgrade the SF position big time. Adding to a championship team? scary.
2. Orlando- To me their season depends on Pietrus. If he plays well and becomes a lock down D-fender they'll be as good.
3. Cleveland- They still need a big who can spread the floor. Big Baby?
4. Spurs- Possibly the best 4 players of these teams. Should look for a Center.
5. Boston- I don't want to hate but their older now. If they lose Big Baby, they'll be 3rd in the East.
Dark Horse West- Denver- Full year with Billups will make them alot better
Dark Horse East- Washington- Experience at every position. Could Challenge in the East.

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Brandon Bass

Yes, he was unrestricted and is now a member of the Orlando Magic.

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cleveland 64-18 will

cleveland 64-18 will steamroll the division and east
lakers 62-20 will coast the season with blowouts
denver 60-22 2nd best team in the west
boston 58- 24 division is a little tougher
orlando 56-26 will lose some close games

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