Ray McCallum Looking Like an Absolute Steal!

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Ray McCallum Looking Like an Absolute Steal!

This kid is showing a nice game. Doing everything on the court. Getting to the hoop in really crafty ways and distributing the ball very well. If he can carry this play over he could very well be starting very soon.

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Starting?? Kinda getting

Starting?? Kinda getting ahead of yourself with that one. He's not going to be starting over Vazquez or Thomas anytime soon but I have been impressed with his play. He's been trying to balance his scoring and distribution to teammates and has been putting in effort on the defensive end. And on top of all that he guy jumps out the gym for theatrics.

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My favorite part of his game

My favorite part of his game is his defense, Isiah is a feisty defender but he isnt big enough and grevis lacks the lateral quickness to defend the athletic pgs in the league. That being said mike malone is a defensive minded coach so it wouldnt surprise me if he wins the some point during the season. He is a little out of control on the offensive end; however, most rookie pgs are.

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I mean, he's not going to

I mean, he's not going to start over Vasquez. I see him as a rotation player right now though. He definitely has the potential to be a starter in time. But he has potential to be a great defender, and a solid point guard in the league with a long career.

He needs to work on the jumper though. He doesn't have a midrange jumper from what i've seen, and therefore has had to get extremely creative to get to the rack. If he could space the floor and had a pullup jumper, there will be more space for him to create.

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Of course. He's gonna be

Of course. He's gonna be good. Reminds me of Westbrook I was telling everyone.. A coaches son, can score and distribute

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Look like he can be a key

Look like he can be a key rotation player.... I forgot That kid was a McDonald All-American.

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Before the draft, I was

Before the draft, I was saying he was going to be a steal. He has decent size, he's a good athlete, and is a coach's son. He was a McDonald's All-American and could've gone to a better college than Detroit if he wanted too.

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Going to detroit kind of hurt

Going to detroit kind of hurt him a little bit, but I thought he would be a solid back up point guard but he is looking like he is a top 30 point guard in the NBA and if he develops a jumper he will definitely be good enough to start. I think he and vasquez could play together. Vasquez will get roughly 34 minutes a game ray McCallum could get 20 minutes a game then they would only be on the court together for 6 minutes and if they both work on their mid range and 3 point jump shot I think they could do ok together.

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He was one of my favorite

He was one of my favorite recruits coming out of high school. Made a few big time programs sad when he chose to go play for his dad

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I like his future, but lets

I like his future, but lets not get too over hyped from summer league.. I remember last year I was so excited for Josh Selby..

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