Ray Allen

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Ray Allen

There is reports that the San Antonio Spurs are interested in acquiring Ray Allen. So it looks like it's between Cleveland, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas, and the San Antonio Spurs.


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Can not see Dallas being in

Can not see Dallas being in the mix Allen will only play for contenders.

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Dallas has improved their

Dallas has improved their roster a lot. If they were able to bring the Spurs to the seventh game last year they are a legit contender this season. It doesn't mean they're going to win but you can't count them out, especially considering Houston and Phoenix lost some players and other teams like OKC, Golden State, Memphis and the Clippers didn't improve their rosters significantly.

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There will be a ton of

There will be a ton of interest in Ray Allen. Who wouldn't love to have Ray Allen knocking down clutch 3s in the playoffs? I think he will wait and then join after the season starts because I am sure he doesn't want to go through a training camp and another full season.

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Ray Allen takes care of his

Ray Allen takes care of his body and has played a lot of basketball in the last few years. I think he sits out the rest of the year and hangs out with his family while he decides which contender he plays his final season with. The teams that he is considering don't have much more to offer than the veteran minimum so its not like he would be doing it for the money. It would give him a chance to see if the CAVS are truly championship material. He more than likely would need to see what type of coach Cleveland has as that is an unknown to him.

Clippers and Spurs are mentioned but they also have Jamal Crawford and Manu Ginolbi in the role that I see Ray Allen playing. Dallas is interesting as they took San Antonio to 7 games and could use his skill set. They don't really have the draws that Miami ( home- where kids go to school) Cleveland (Lebron, Miller, J Jones- seen as best option for Jan- June title run) LA Clippers- ( Coach Rivers) SA Spurs ( Coach P and title front runner).

Waiting til January gives him time to see how things play out and Ray Allen would be better suited to play last 50 games instead of another 82 game season and 20 plus game post season. Truly class act who can still go out on his own terms.

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Any legit contender would

Any legit contender would love Ray on their roster for something around veteran's minimum or a bit more. I don't think he'd really need a full training camp, the guy is very fit for his age given his longevity and would soon get back up to match sharpness via oncourt workouts and playing time.

He'd be eased back into the roster and given odd minutes at first in clear result games and then get into top bench rotation as the season progressed.

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