Rate the Class of 2009 PGs

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Rate the Class of 2009 PGs

There's a lot of em. Here's how I rate them. This is NOT a prediction of how they will be drafted.

1.Jennings-speed kills
2.Rubio (based on hype, i'll admit, i havent seen much of him at all)
3.Lawson-Strentgh is more of a factor than height for PGs
8.Curry-Eddie House with blue eyes (pause) and a cinderella story and we get the most over-hyped player in a decade

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Point Guards

You've got to throw in Patrick Mills from St. Mary's and Nick Calathes from Florida.

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Curry may not be the best

Curry may not be the best point guard but I see him as the third best player in that group.

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This is a great topic, however the answer depends so much on the system and surrounding cast as well as what the coach is looking for out of his point guard. On the basis of acting as a floor general and leader of a winning team (what I would seek in a PG) balanced with sheer talent my order would be:
Rubio - Truly a special cerebral talent
Jennings - Still a bit behind Rubio in experience, needs to show ability to lead
Maynor - Cant wait to see where he ends up.
Flynn - Get him in an open system and he'll be dangerous
Curry - Again, so dependent on the system
Calathes - May be a liability on defense, but trails only Rubio in offensive skill, also great size
Lawson - I worry about his decision making
Teague - Not sure he is a true PG, has as much talent as any, but needs to be humbled
Holliday - Still a ways to go, should have stayed in school
Beaubois - Stash him for a year or two - could be much high up - we actually wrote an article on this very topic -

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My top 10 PG's in 2009 draft

1. Rubio: Proved he can hang with the star players in the Olympic, and also has been playing againsts grown men since he was 16. Understands the game unlike any other PG in this draft.
2. Jennings: Has the needed athleticism to produce at the next level. Sees the floor very well when game is uptempo. Needs to improve outside shot, and limiting his turnovers.
3. Lawson: He knows how to play a fast paced style, and if he is drafted by the right team, he could be a force. Needs work on half court game somewhat.
4. Maynor: Is ready for the NBA, just needs get use to playing against the best players everyday.
5. Curry: I think he can become solid PG in the right system. We all know he can flat out shoot.
6. Flynn: Not sold on his floor awareness, and playing halfcourt game. Needs improve shot. Is good fit for uptempo team.
7. Teague: Is super athletic, but can he really become a full time PG?
8. Mills: Needs to show he can run a team and not just get his shoots.
9. Holiday: Potential, but should have stayed in school. Needs become consisent and better shooter.
10. Collison: Great defender, but needs to show it on offense.

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1. Rubio- based off hearsay, haven't seen enough of him but scouts love him.
2. Jennings- super-quick, flashy player. Needs a jumpshot to keep defenses honest
3. Lawson- Not sure how effective he'll be in the league, but he is quick as hell and that always helps
4. Maynor- steady guard. kind of a meats-and-potatoes guy. you know what you're getting with him.
5. Flynn- needs Phx to draft him.
6. Teague- reminds me alot of Bayless. Combo guard who doesnt really play point well, but can score his ass off
7. Collison- should have came out a year or two ago. now he has to play his way into the late teens, 20s range.
8. Curry- Really great shooter, but is way to frail to get in the paint consistently. He is gonna need another big guard in the backcourt with him because I dont really see him as a PG.

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I rate then like this.........

1) Jennings

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I think he is the 3rd best prospect in this class,a rookie of the year candidate as a rookie and then I think he will develop into the best point guard in year 2

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Best Position

I think it's pretty clear to say than this position has the best potential of all positions collectively in this draft. For kicks, here's my player comparison for each of the higher caliber PG's in this draft, comparing with players currently in the NBA (Order based on my prediction of draft order, not ranking):

Ricky Rubio - Andre Miller/Sergio Rodriquez
Brandon Jennings - Russell Westbrook/Rafer Alston
Stephen Curry - Mike Bibby
Ty Lawson - Raymond Felton/Will Bynum
Jonny Flynn - Aaron Brooks
Jeff Teague - Jason Terry
Eric Maynor - Ramon Sessions
Jrue Holiday - Antonio Daniels
Patrick Mills - J.J. Barea
Darren Collison - Lindsey Hunter
Nick Calathes - Goran Dragic

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2009 PG Rankings

I've watched most of these guards over the past two years and here's what I think.

1) E. Maynor-Successful on the College Level for 4yrs, Second Best Shooter in the group, Good Floor General
2) T. Lawson-NCAA Tournament MOP, Best Court Vision, Excellent Play Maker and Leader.
3) B. Jennings-Most pure talent, Quick, Athletic, Good Court Vision, Average shooter.
4) S. Curry-Best Shooter in the country not in the NBA, Good Play Maker, High B-Ball IQ
5) R. Rubio-Most Pro Experience, Good Play Maker,

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Rubio injured.

Rubio has picked up an injury 15 minutes ago. Raul Lopez (ex-Utah) crossover, Rubio's left foot slips and he falls opening his legs. Looks like it could be a groin injury (not very serious, he left walking), doctors are examinating him.

By the way, Real Madrid was playing against DKV (Rubio's team) and since Rubio left Real Madrid are thrasing them. + 7 when rubio left, + 25 at Half time.

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deuce4off, I guess everybody


I guess everybody has no basketball iq then, most are in agreement.

I GUARANTEE you havent seen a full game's worth of material on Rubio, so u can drink the Kool Aid if you like. Bottom line I can count the number of successful international point guards on a peace sign. Thats two fingers. In the NBA, if you dont have either speed or strength at the PG, ur limited. Oh, AND he's not a shooter. Yea, Okay.

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JP just curious, why do you

JP just curious, why do you worry about Ty Lawson's decision making? The dude was probably the best decision maker in the country this season. His 3.48:1 assit/turnover ratio is unheard of.


1. Ricky Rubio (I will admit it i haven't seen him play, but kids his age with the success he has though don't come around at all)
2a. Ty Lawson
2b. Jonny Flynn
4. Brandon Jennings (has a ton of potential, just don't think he is that NBA ready)
5. Stephen Curry
6. Eric Maynor
7. Jeff Teague
8. Patty Mills
9. Darren Collison
10. Nick Calathes

I think the first 7 all have all-star potential while 8-10 could become solid starters.

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Dude cant handle a Lopez

Dude cant handle a Lopez crossover and he is gonna be able to check the PG's in the NBA......

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why is lawson rated so high

why is lawson rated so high when he cant shoot off the dribble and there are alot of players like him aka acie law

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