Rasheed Wallace

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Rasheed Wallace

As the Knicks were closing out a blowout of the defending NBA Champions, the New York Knick fans started chanting Rasheed Wallace's name, convincing coach Mike Woodson to ask Rasheed if he wanted to be put into the game.

Rasheed looks like this year's edition of Brian Scalabrine. He's a great player for the game, and the fans and his teammates really love having him on board. Every time that he touched the ball tonight, the fans would roar. If he passed up a shot, the fans would sigh. Whenever he missed his first shot, the fans gasped in hope that it would drop. Then, whenever he hit his first 3-point shot of the year, the fans went crazy.

I'm really glad to see this guy get credit. He was a fabulous support player, and a key factor for that very successful Detroit Pistons team in the middle of the last decade. I will continue to support Rasheed, and I really hope that the Knick fans and NBA fans in general stick behind him throughout the entire NBA season. He's a class act guy.

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I love me some sheed but I

I love me some sheed but I wouldn't call him a class act guy, funny as hell though.

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