Rasheed Tries To Get Into Referee Locker Room

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Rasheed Tries To Get Into Referee Locker Room

Shortly after Game 7, Rasheed Wallace stood outside the locker room of the game officials trying to have a conversation with Danny Crawford.

Wallace managed to open the door and talk with an unidentified person behind the door, before arena and NBA security ushered him back out.

The security guard outside the official's locker room declined to comment. Another security guard asked if Wallace had made contact with referee Joey Crawford and was informed that Joey Crawford had already left the area before Wallace arrived.

A spokesman for the NBA said Thursday night he was unaware of any incident involving Wallace and the officials

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Danny or Joey?

Having the two names mixed up is pretty significant and confusing

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What is he thinking ?? I

What is he thinking ?? I would think He would go kick his asss real talk.

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Sheed needs to calm down and

Sheed needs to calm down and walk away with some dignity. He played well, through cramps and a bad back, in game seven. He put his body on the line and did all he could.

The Celtics gave up 20+ offensive rebounds and blew a 13 point lead. Can't blame the refs.

If he retires, I think he went out on a good note.

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I feel him though. After the

I feel him though. After the way that game was officiated, he at least should've been afforded the opportunity to say "thanks for costing me another ring, you got me out here busting my [butt], playin with my body bout to fall about, all for nothing! Ya calls (and non calls) are [bull feces]."

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