Raptors trade Kapono for Evans

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Raptors trade Kapono for Evans

The Raptors trade Kapono for Evans. I think this is a good trade for both teams.
For the Sixers it helps because i thought they were missing someone who can spread out the defence. I also think getting rid of Evans will give more playing time for speights and brand who will hopefully have a better and more healthy season next year.
For the Raptors it gives them a rebounding/defensive presence. it also gives them more a little more money under the cap. i think evans will also give them some toughness and agressiveness which the Raptors were/are looking for.
what do u think of the trade?

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I think it also

I think it also tells the general direction both teams are going as far as the draft. It tells me that Toronto will not draft a PF to replace Bosh, so that rules out D. Blair. It also says that Philly will address their point guard needs at #17.

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Good trade for both teams. This is a clear cut win-win if I've ever seen one. As a Raptors fan I have witnessed first hand how expendable Kapono is to this team as his defense is atrocious and he can't shoot off the bounce. Still he's a 6-8 sharpshooter and that will always be in demand somewhere in the league.

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very good trade for both

very good trade for both squads

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kapono fills void left by korver; evans adds muscle

Just as everyone else noted, good trade on both ends. Though Kyle Korver is able to do more things, Kapono fills a major void left a year and a half ago when the 76ers traded Korver to the Jazz.

Interesting trade for Colangelo, because he prefers the European-style players who can play in an open system. Perhaps, it's a realization that there's a limited ceiling with that operating style, and that the Raptors needed a selfless player who just hustles and goes after rebounds to compliment the skill sets of their current personnel.

As far as the draft goes, this trade changes very little. Toronto will go after a slashing SG/SF who can get to the line and take some pressure off of Bosh and Calderon. Philadelphia will target a PG, and hopefully be in position to draft one of the top 5 PGs in the draft. That said, I can see Philly throw us a curve ball and draft Austin Daye (rumored to have a promise in the top 20), and go after Ramon Sessions in FA. Ultimately, it depends on who is on the board at the 17th pick and whether the 76ers can move up a few spots to nab whomever they are targeting.

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i can believe!!

i can believe that b. colangelo got some gm to take j. kapono off his hands. As a raptor fan i can't stay i've agreed with the style of ball that colangelo has wanted to implement here in toronto but the one thing i can say about the guy is that he is able to get rid of players that are bottom of the barrel.... does anyone remember Rafael ('Half a Man') Araujo maybe not because he is no longer in the league... thanks for setting the team back 3 or 4 yrs Babcock!!

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They must be kicking themselves for getting rid of Korver. They really needed a shooter so we'll see what happens there.

Kopono wasn't doing anything special and was over-paid. The Raptors will save about 4 million with this trade. Also they needed some toughness and Evans will bring it. There is one thing though, the Raptor have NO wing players under contract for next season. Look for them to draft DeRozen or Evans. They will likely take Henderson if DeRozen and Evans are gone.

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