Raptors & Bucks Sign & Trade Idea

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Raptors & Bucks Sign & Trade Idea

A trade the Raptors & Bucks should explore, is a sign & trade deal, that would send Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozan to Milwaukee, and Brandon Jennings & Ersan Illyasova, to Toronto. The Bucks get a point guard, in Kyle Lowry, who doesn't mind where he plays as long as he starts. DeRozan address their need for a scoring athletic wing player. DeRozan can move to the small forward position, with OJ Mayo at shooting guard. John Henson can assume the starting power forward position, giving the Bucks starting lineup to shot blocking menaces up front, in Larry Sanders & John Henson, to cover up the errors of less than stellar defensive players in DeRozan & Mayo...With DeRozan gone, Terrence Ross can move to the starting shooting guard position for the Raptors, where he can stretch the floor, for Rudy Gay or Brandon Jennings to drive. Ditto for Ersan Illyasova, he can stretch the floor for Rudy Gay & Brandon Jennings drives, or space the floor for Jonas Valanciunas. I think the deal works for both teams, and makes the cry baby, Brandon Jennings finally happy, by ending up in a more known market. Also from his time in Italy, Jennings is use to an international lifestyle, so the city of Toronto should suit him well, and wouldn't be much of a culture change for him. Jennings would also reunite with a fellow Compton, California native, in Amir Johnson. Win win situation, for both teams

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Derozan would be a liability

Derozan would be a liability at SF on D...I wouldn't make this trade if I'm the raptors, it doesn't help them at all.

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why would Toronto want Ilyasova?

They have no need for him and they aren't giving up 2 starters for Jennings.

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your level of ignorance is surprising, to think that Toronto is more similar to any Italian city than it is to Milwaukee. I mean the trade idea is bad enough, Derozan is a 2 guard through and through, and giving him and Lowry up for Ilyasova and Jennings would be a disaster.

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Change Ross for DeRozen

The trade woukld be better if Terrence Ross were included. Jennings has stated he would like to play for Raptors, Ersan would be good to play with Gay and the bucks get a point guard for a year to see if they want to keep him and a up and comming sg.

The othet trade would be Jennings, ersan for Lowery and Gay, Bucks need a sm forward. a Lowery, Mayo, Gay, Henson and Sanders would be really good

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People are underestimating

People are underestimating Ilyasova big time here. The guy put up nearly 19 and 11 per 36 minutes once he got over his horrific start to the year. I think he's the best player being mentioned in this deal, and he's still 26. As nice as it would be to get something for Jennings, losing Ilyasova for a SG when we already have Mayo doesn't interest me at all as a Bucks fan.

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