Raptors Awards 2014

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Raptors Awards 2014

Masai Ujiri-Executive of The Year

Ryan Mcdonough is likely the other candidate for this award. He has done a great job turning the Phoenix Suns into a up and coming force in the West most notably by bringing in Eric Bledsoe and Gerald Green which were excellent decisions. Although you have to give the edge to Masai to win consecutive Executive of the Yeat trophies.

Masai got rid of arguably the two worst contracts in the NBA by trading arguably the two least effiecient players in the league Andrea Bargnani and Rudy Gay. Usually trading pieces like this means giving up draft picks and young players like when the Clippers traded Baron Davis. But Ujiri ended up acquiring draft picks which will play a role for the future, and acquired key role players Novak, Salmons, Vasquez and Patterson who all contributed to a division title.

Ive noticed alot of general fans, media outlets and sports writers state this was a fluke season. Raps accidentaly won a division while trying to tank. Thats complete garbage. When Ujiri stepped in he told everyone the truth from day one, he was going to use the beggining of the year to assess the talent and make moves as he sees fit to fix the culture. He saw Gay was not a fit and fixed it and they won the Atlantic.

He took a terrible situation with Toronto and turned it into the most successful Season in team history, and with a win against Washington it would make it the most successful team overall.

Demar Derozan- All NBA 2nd Team

Demar Derozan has been the 2nd best SG in the league this year. James Harden has been the best and Paul George is a SF. Dwayne Wade will probally win the award instead of Demar Derozan because of his name, people will likely point to his 55% fg shooting although 53 games played doesnt cut it in my opinion.

What Demar did this year to earn this accolaide is something most fans have been waiting for him to do and others had given up on him to do and lost faith in him to learn. That would be producing in other areas of the game aside from scoring. He will finished the year with career highs in rebounding, assists, and steals most notably he has taken games over with his playmaking and as the year grew on this has become more consistant. Next year I see him easily averaging 5-apg.

And as for longshots I would like to make a note that Dwayne Casey is a Top 5 for coach of the year, and Kyle Lowry would be top 5 for most improved. Gotta give Dragic some hardware though and if they really want to snub Popavich and Thibodeau again I wouldnt mind seeing Casey get the award.

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ujiri is the man. was bummed

ujiri is the man. was bummed when he left denver.

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Toronto has done some exciting stuff, glad to see LA boys having a part in that with Johnson and DeMar.

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in the beginning of the year, Durant was called out for taking Wade out of some top ten list, replaced by Harden.


the list was for the coming year and Harden was definitely better than Wade. I get he's a future HOF, and i've got repect for him, but he's not top 10 ANYMORE. (he's still top 20 imo) so +1 for you sir, DeRozan is def #2 SG and deserves an all nba team honor

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