Raptor fans still have a lot to learn

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Raptor fans still have a lot to learn

Raps win a great game, yet I have a lingering bad taste in my mouth. Regardless of what you think of Andrea Bargnani, his getting booed by his home town crowd - for no real reason - was an absolute disgrace.

As well as being a Raps fan, I have also been a Celtic's fan my whole life. And I can definately say that would never have happened in Boston. They just know too much about the game of basketball and it's etiquette for that kind of bush-league garbage.

When one of your guys is down, regardless of who he is, pick him back up.

If anyone in TO is delighting in Andrea's hard times, that is their business. But if they are a true fan of the team they would know that the team needs everybody to succeed to make a real run at the playoffs. When you kick one player when they are down, you are kicking the whole team.

Glad to see there are lots of others out there - even those who are not Bargnani fans - who are as disgusted by this as I am.

If this is what a Raptor's fan is supposed to be, I'll go back to responding "No, I'm a Celtic's fan. I know the game of basketball."

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I had a hard time justifying

I had a hard time justifying it when Suns fans Booed Nash when he returned. I was emberrassed for the people of Phoenix. But just like fans should stay true to the players you gotta stay true to your team. Be proud of being a raptors fans, I don't get to meet alot in LA. I even have a friend from TO who's a Lakers fan and it drives me nuts.

Side note: I'm not a Jets fan but they seem to boo mark sanchez a good amount and he's one of their own.

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Totally agree

I've been huge Raptors and Celtics fan my whole life(sometimes tough because they're both in the Atlantic) and I could not agree more. What I saw last night from the crowd was definitely a low point, I've never been a big Andrea fan but I don't hate him like some people obviously do, even if I did I definitely wouldn't boo. He has not been good this season, even before the injury, but he's out there every night giving an effort on both ends, his shots aren't falling but his defense hasn't been terrible and his trying to play within the flow of this new look Raptors team.

Booing him doesn't help anything, its certainly not going to get him his confidence back. How do people think that makes the other players look at the fans? If Rudy Gay or Derozan go through a slump will fans boo them too? It definitely doesn't help improve what we might be able to get for him in any trade offers, why would another GM want to trade for a player booed by his own fans and is overpaid?

Besides all that it's simply disgusting way to act toward a member of your own team. Its not like he put us through the Dwightmare( I wouldn`t boo even if he had), he just came into the season unprepared and the suffered a serious injury.

And you`re right I cant imagine anything like this ever happening in Boston.

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Are u guys not aware of the fact that Bargs went on record saying raps are the worst team in the nba...and when his primo behind got injured the raps were playing incredibly well with ed davis. He basically spat on the organization and its players and now when the raptors have built a gritty hardworking identity with, gay, lowry, derozan and jv there is no room for him on this team. The raptors have always supported him through his 7 year tenure . which has been more than underwhelming. what he said was seriously uncalled for. As far as boston fans are concerned recall a fan throwing a vodka bottle on the floor which could have seriously injured someone...pretty classless if u ask me

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Primo Pasta and..... SAUCE

Primo Pasta and..... SAUCE *Bargnani voice*

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I agree with

I agree with T-Dot-Baller.

Fans pay to watch the games, and they have a right to be unhappy when a player is not behaving as he should. Fans are not cheerleaders. Bargnani is supertalented, but he's soft. He's not interested in playing inside; he doesn't like to go after rebounds (3.7 rebounds/30 min at 7 feet-256 pounds; are you kidding?); defense, no thanks. How much does he make a year to be so lazy? Then he complains because his teammates are crap?

Boo, Bargnani, boo.

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while i may not agree with

while i may not agree with the booing of primo pasta whenever he misses a shot....i think it would be appropriate if they were booing him for his lack of effort and motivation. you can see it on the court.

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I find this thread insulting.

I find this thread insulting. I'll boo anyone who doesn't bring maximum effort, energy and hustle to the floor everyday. Bargs is making 1 million a Month this year. 1 million!!! More then most people will earn in 20 years. There is no reason to feel bad for a player who is stealing money by not making a real effort to earn it. Perhaps if more people boo'd Bargs he'd finally start taking the game seriously. Perhaps we can collectively shame him into being a hard worker.

He's soft and lazy. I want to see agressiveness. I want to see him play like his life depended on it. I want to see urgency. I want to see wreckless abandon.

Then there's his disturbing lack of muscle tone and athleticism... things he should have worked on in 7 years. His low basketball IQ and lack of game preparation. Whats the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. He's a loser. He's the type of person who looks around and points fingers at why the Raps are losing instead of saying what can I do to help this team win? What role can I fill that will tip the balance between a win and a loss?

If Bargs put in the work then there's no reason to boo... as it stands now, Bargs deserves every Boo he gets. He has no one to blame but himself. Reggie Evans, with a fraction of the talent Bargs has, was a fan favorite because he hustled and put it all out there. These are attributes fans can respect even if your skill level isn't the greatest.

I'm not going to feel bad or pitty someone under these circumstances. If Bargs needs confidence, get in the gym. When you put in the work you become confident. You believe in yourself and trust your training. Without that foundation its hard to beat guys who are doing what your not.


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I don't think that's a nice

I don't think that's a nice version of motivating a player. I compeletely agree with what you said Brew Meister, let me say this;
it's great to see fans like you and Raps fans have a lot to learn.

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On this topic, I 99% of the

On this topic, I 99% of the time totally agree. The only time I supported it was when the Cardinals in 2011 had Ryan Franklin as the closer and he lost like 5 games for us early in the year and I thought it was more towards the LaRussa and management for keep on running this guy out when he didn't have it over the actual dude himself. Otherwise, the stuff with booing guys like Nash and other greats who return to their previous teams is, most of the time, atrocious.

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Does anybody else remember

Does anybody else remember the boston celtics fans that showered lebron with beer as he walked out the arena having torn boston a new one?

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i remember celtics fan

i remember celtics fan chanting mvp for kobe at the free throw line when the celtics were one of the worst teams in the nba when big al was on the team how loyal is that. my point is if the knick fans and laker fans can boo there players when they dont perform at a level which is acceptable why cant toronto fans, tuff love these players get paid to much money to be playing with no effort like Andrea.

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Raptor fans have all right to

Raptor fans have all right to be booing Bargnani. T-Dot-Baller hit the nail on the head. He goes to Italy and talks to a newspaper calling the Raps the worst team in the NBA, Then he says the quote got lost in translation, like nobody in the most multicultural city in the world (Toronto) would know how to translate. Now when he comes back from his injury, because he isn't the number 1 option, he isn't playing hard. Andrea Bargnani screwed Andrea Bargnani,

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I'm a Philly guy and a Philly

I'm a Philly guy and a Philly Phan so I can't really say anything about a home crowd booing they're players because Philly does it more then probably any other city on the continent and in every sport. The Eagles were boo'd regularly last year, the Phillies started getting boo'd right after we started to realize that another World Series wasn't locked up.

And the Sixers, well they're just playing down right embarrasing. It's gotten to the point where I think Collins might even have to retire, his offensive system is worse then watching G'Town and it's just not working at all. The Sixers should be an uptempo team with Holiday and Turner leading the charge, instead they're a let's swing the ball around the perimeter and iso Damien Wilkins in the mid range area team. It's pitiful. What is Wilkins even doing on the court? Moultrie should of been getting playing time, and when he finally get's some time tonight and we're down 30, they don't even run one play for him and instead let Jeremy Pargo launch 28 footers after dribbling for 20 seconds. SMH!

I got off track where was I...

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kyle lowry's twitter said it

kyle lowry's twitter said it best

"I love our fans to death , but booing one of our players isn't cool and it should NOT be done!! Hopefully next game it won't happen!!"

i read the report about the raps being the worst in the nba.. and they were pretty bad at that time. times have changed though...

he's no longer the #1 option on offence and he's no longer the "face of the franchise"

rudy gay's raptors are slowing finding an identity that works hard and grinds things out. even though they need to develop consistency, the future is looking a lot better than it was.

with this raptor team with new confidence barg could help fortify the bench for their playoff hope/push this season. we didn't trade him (largely because of his injury effecting his value) so we're stuck with him until the end of the season.

toronto fans are passionate about their teams and like everyone else they want a winner but i agree that the booing is uncalled for.. so for the better of the team i hope it stops

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As a Raptors fan, I agree

As a Raptors fan, I agree that booing a player on your team is wrong. But at the same time with the way he has been playing, and I'm not talking about his stats but just his effort or lack thereof he is deserving of getting booed.

If a player is struggling but working hard and giving his all, he deserves the support of the fans. If this was the case with Bargnani then the fans should be behind him and probably would be.

I guess my point is if the fans are booing him because of his struggles with his shot and fitting in to a new role with a new look team, then they are wrong. If they are booing him for his comments about the team and his lack of effort on the court, then I say booing him is deserved.

As for the fans of other teams that say this wouldn't happen in their city, give your head a shake this has happened in every city at one point in time including Boston.

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A change of scenery would be

A change of scenery would be good for both sides but with his injuries in the last couple of seasons and putting up poor stats this year, his trade value is low so come off season Toronto might be reluctant to move him as they would not get a good return back.

We all know that he is a ridiculously bad rebounder for his size but he is still a skilled 7ft guy who has a good finesse game and 3 point range plus his salary isn't near max level so in the right environment he'd be a potentially good fit. Ideally you need him next to a big strong defensive guy who bangs the paint so Bargs can play more a perimeter game and use his length and skillset there.

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