Rant about ESPN Article on OKC

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Rant about ESPN Article on OKC

This is in response to the article posted on ESPN today at:

Now is it just me or does this article kind of piss some fans off. The Thunder have been in OKC for 5 years...That's about the same amount of time that my nephew has existed in this world. Yet we are already seeing an article about how "patience is growing thin" and how they "need to win." and the "honeymoon is over." I read this and I thing quite frankly it's a crock of crap. To write an article suggesting that their fans are becoming restless and the Thunder need to deliver the goods sooner rather than later is preposterous in my opinion. Thunder have a great set of fans, no doubt, but to say that they can't support their team for more than 5 years without starting to get a little restless is ridiculous. If this article is true what will happen in 10, 15 years? Are they going to get tired of contending but never winning and stop showing up leading to future "Thunder in jeopardy of moving?" articles? There are NUMEROUS teams in the league that haven't had there success in their 30+ YEARS of existence. The Jazz have been a notoriously great team in the 90s, consistently contending for a title yet they never won one, does that mean that the Jazz fans need to stop showing up to games and stop supporting their team? No. What about the Bulls(since the '00). Or the Pacers. Perhaps the Suns. All these teams have had the same sort of luck as the Thunder, except instead of 5 years, it's MUCH greater than that. I feel it's a bit ridiculous to write an article about how a team hasn't won a title in the 5 years it has been in OKC. Am I the only one feeling this way?

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