Ranking this draft's centers

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Ranking this draft's centers

So with the combine just some days away, I believe that the most intriguing position is the 5, with no less than 10 (!) players able to cover that position with ease in the NBA.. I'd really find it interesting to see how you rank these guys, so go ahead and post your top-10 of the 2013 centers coming into the league. Remember, it is based on personal predictions and judgements, so no need to shoot nobody ;)
Here is mine:

1) Cody Zeller : He might be considered as a 4 in the league, but he is big, and has the most developed game among all centers. His motor alone will make him very valuable to the team that gets him. A real quality player.

2) Steven Adams: I am among those who believe that Adams' stock will skyrocket after the combine, and the reason is (as I have said multiple times in other posts) his body. NO NBA center is built the way Steven is (except for Dwight, but he is shorter), if he polishes his skills for a year or two he can dominate, imho.

3) Alex Len : He is very big, mobile, has a feel for the game, and knows his post moves and position on the court. Where's the catch? He is soft. But no worries, he will hit the gym and be trained properly, so a good, old school center for a lottery team.

4) Rudy Gobert : Along with Adams, a physical standout in this year's draft, his official measurements will confirm it. He finishes bove the rim and absolutely controls the paint and boards (and air, and pretty much everything in the gym) with his wingspan, so he will have much fun playing D in the league. The problem is that he must gain 30-40 pounds right away, in order to be able to contribute.

5) Gorgui Deng : Yes, he is only 6'10 (until he is measured at chicago) but imo he is the most underrated center in this draft. He contributes in many aspects of the game, I believe he is more of a good passer than he's given credit for. Still, his highlight is his defence, especially shot blocking.

6) Nerlens Noel : This guy has ''Serge Ibaka clone" written all over him since day one, for me (though he is better at handling the ball). I don't see the reason why people are so high on him. He is 6'11 tops, too light to play 5 in the NBA, and having suffered a torn ACL, I can tell you that some of that athleticism will be gone.. Great shot blocker, good rebounder, but let us all calm down for a minute..

7) Lucas Nogueira : He is toooo long to slip over the 1st round. Has some skills, too. Having played professionally now, let's hope his mind is in the right place to allow him to play in the league.

8) Mason Plumlee : There's some hype in the last few days about him, being 7ft tall and all that. I really don't think he is 7 feet tall, but he is highly energetic ,his game reminds me of a bigger Tyler Hansbrough.

9) Jeff Withey : Really good shotblocker, and above average back-to-the-basket game. But he is too light to be effective in the paint in the NBA, and at his age he will be viewed more like a complete player with no real room for improvement.. Still, he would be a valuable 2nd option at center for most of the teams.

10) Kelly Olynyk : Post game-check. High scoring average for his position-check. But everything else seems to be missing for Olynyk, imo.. He simply can't jump, he is quite soft, not very fast either, and even if they say that he is 7'5 I really don't see him taller than 6'11.. He can shoot the ball allright, but does this fact alone make him top-10 pick? Heck no.

That's it, and remember, it is just a person's opinion.. I really see all of these guys capable of playing center in the NBA, and now that I think of it I could easily make a top-10 of nba centers who are worse than the players above.. Waiting for your top-10s!

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I don't like Cody zeller as much as you do. Idk after all the hype this year before the season and to see him actually play the guy Got lost out there a lot and there were times I didn't even know he was on the floor. I always hear about how "skilled" he is but I never actually see the skills. Felt like there were a lot of games this year he should have dominated and he appeared soft and timid in most. The one that stands out the most was against Minnesota when Trevor mbakwe(spelling) and the back up big on the team roughed zeller up and has their way with him. I was convinced then that he isn't the player he's hyped to be. I think out of anyone in the draft he'd have a lot of value has a lottery pick than a top 5 pick. Just don't see it

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If Nerlens Noel is a "Serge

If Nerlens Noel is a "Serge Ibaka clone," he should be a lot higher than #6 on that list. I think Ibaka tends to be a little overrated, but he still is a good starter on a top team. You are not going to find five centers better than Ibaka in this draft, or really just about any draft for that matter.

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I'm with B-ball fan on this

I'm with B-ball fan on this one. I'd take Ibaka over any of these guys any day. I also think you put too much stock into measurements. Deng being "only" 6'10 isn't really a huge knock on him in this days NBA and IMO standing reach and wing span are much more important than height and that's where Zeller is going to drop.

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Serge Ibaka would probably go

Serge Ibaka would probably go 1st overall in this draft. I'm confident any lottery team would trade thier pick for Serge.

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im going to get negged,

im going to get negged, simply because people don't have the same opinion as me. but here it goes.

1. Alex Len
2. Jeff Withey
3. Cody Zeller
4. Gorgui Dieng
5. Kelly Olynyk
6. Steven Adams
7. Rudy Gobert
8. Lucas Noguiera

By the way I don't consider Plumlee a C more a PF and also Noel more a PF.

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I don't think that Cody

I don't think that Cody Zeller has a Centers body or strength

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It's not so Easy to rank all

It's not so Easy to rank all this players cause one of them has a torn ACL and others like Gobert never played US basketball. However, so many people talking about how weak this draft is but look at all this talent at the center position! Maybe Ibaka might be better than all of them but I can see Zeller, Len, Adams and Noel become starters for many years and then there are still the Goberts, Witheys and Noguieras out there. This is a very nice group of young big men and I would't be surprised to look back in a few years and we all say how deep this class really was. Maybe no Starpower in it but guys like Hibbert and Lopez are elite right now among the centers and who saw this coming?

A lot of teams should think twice this year about passing on this big men group because next year there are a lot of swingmen and PF around and this is a perfect Situation to address this position. Even if someone like Olynyk or Withey end up like the next Nick Collison or Chris Kaman you've done something right.

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Any of these players

the top Centers in the NBA will score on at will. Howard, Gasol, Hibbert, Noah, none of these guys can stop any one of them. Who can score on them? Zeller and Olynyk have the best chance, due to their post games. Adams, Len and Plumlee can score on athletic plays. Dieng and Withey will have long carreers as back-up centers, due to their defense. Noel and Nogueira will never have the bulk to play center. Zeller and Olynyk will be better suited to the PF position for that matter. Gobert wont find a place in the NBA in my opinion. So the top centers are Adams, Len, and Withey. The rest are best used at PF.

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I never remember anyone

I never remember anyone saying Olynyk was 7'5"

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Sad day....

It's a sad day around here when someone addresses worries about about receiving a negative as they give their oppinion.

Someday there will come a time when people don't worry about such things and just give their oppinion. For the record... points can't be saved up and sold later, so there's no monetaryl value to them.

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I disagree with your list.

I disagree with your list. Zeller is a good "college" center, but his game won't translate the same into the nba. At best your looking at a Jason Smith of this year. Nice rotational guy off the bench. My list is

1. Dieng - Just scratching the surface even at his age. Advanced quickness and can guard the PNR, monster length at around 7'5 which helps with high block and rebounding #'s, can shoot the ball from 18 ft, has an unguardable running hook, excellent passer, high motor. And unlike most of the centers on the list, he has a title under his belt, thus knows what it takes to win it all. No eye opening stats in college like avg 20 pts 15 rbs and prob won't achieve these stats consistently in the nba, but will get you avg 12 pts, 8 rebs, 3 blks, 2 stls, 4 assists , which is Rondo like stats for a center.

2. Plumlee - Build and athleticism similiar to Blake Griffin. Runs the court well, underrated passer, has a nice running hook where he can finish with either hands, excellent rebounder, good motor and good overall defender. Without him on the floor, duke was hurting on both ends of the court, especially on the defensive end. Prob won't be this impactful for a team in the nba, but a starter in a year or two nonetheless

3. Narlens Noel - I agree with the original post that this guy is a Ibaka clone. As good as he is a shot blocker as Anthony Davis, he doesn't do the other non stat things nearly as well. Thats why UK even with him in the lineup was not a top school this year. Reasons that he was only a freshman is a viable excuse. Needs to add weight and strength big time to even be a pf in the nba. Has poor hands in terms of catching difficult passes. Doesn't pass that great, and doesn't have many go to moves. So at best Ibaka is not far fetched

4. Cody Zeller - Not tough enough, no consistent jump shot and at worse short wingspan. How can anyone justify he is going be the same effective in the nba?? In the last so many years, when has anyone seen a pf/c with 6'8 wingspan have a great impact in the nba? Outside of these issues Zeller still has a chance to come off the bench and help out. Has nice quickness, leap and overall iq. His stat might look something like avg 8-10 pts, 5 rebounds, 2 steals in the nba

5. Jeff Withey - At worse a Greg Ostertag. At best a Jeff Foster with better shot blocking capabilities. Will help activate his offense if he can be on a team with a pg that can excel in the PNR. Will be a good shot blocker in the nba, but prob not as good as he was in college. In college he was pretty much parked inside the paint as in the nba with the 3 second rule, he won't be able to do that. And if he faces a stronger and quicker pf/c who will take him out to the key and drive in, he may face all kinds of issue. Lateral quickness is just a notch above avg, needs to develop a jump shot and strengthen up. Motor is good, but mainly worried about things in the defensive end. Was usually the last one up onto offensive end

8. Kelly Olynyk - On the other spectrum of Jeff Withey. All offense but little to offer on the defensive end. Like a poor man nowitski the way he can dribble, shoot and make things happen on offense for his height. But doesn't have one killer move and offers very little lift on his jump. On the defensive end, you can't expect alot. Presents very little fear for opposing players to drive in. Motor is good. He tries hard. Likely a 6th man type off the bench in the nba

7. Alex Len - Too much pegged on potential vs what the eye saw. Has the model height, wingspan, size and skills. Did good against some top teams. But in the end where is the consistency, agression, and especially motor?? Too many times he looked disinterested, especially if he didn't get the ball. I agree with some people that the way his team/pg played, he didn't get nearly enough touches. But you do other things than to make a mark on the game instead of losing energy. If he showed more consistency and motor , definitely #1 or 2 on the list. You can have all the skills in the world but with poor motor = Chris Wilcox. Motor with little skills = Reggie Evans. Who would you rather have?

8. Mike Muscala - Well balanced pf/c of this draft. Has inside outside offensive game plus iso/off ball defensive capabilities. Just about won every award imaginable from the Patriot League. But the problem, he played in the patriot league and dominated against player shorter or slower than him. In the final game against Butler, he really struggled against a similiar sized but more athletic center. Lacks great athleticism, quickness, strength. If he at least can develop decent strength to handle nba players, he could be the steal of the draft. Motor is top notch and actually it might be better for him to calm down a little. An easy 2nd round pick risk

9. Steven Adams - Yes has nba quickness/athleticism and body. But nothing else. Its like a mustang with no handle and no fuel efficiency. Super raw player. I saw a few games he played and when he got a few touches in the post, was like 5 ft away and missed all three in a row. Jump shot, front rimmed the basket. Got the ball stripped from his hands several times. During rebound situations did not box out his man properly several times. Also got baited to come out to the key and then got blown by , by his opponent. One day with time and patience, maybe he can develop into a Deandre Jordan. Overall risky pick.

No judgement

- Gobert - Like adams but with enormous wingspan. But then again Hassan Whiteside has ridiculous wingspan. From video and other scouting report, the "feel" "skill" is on the avg side.

-Noguiera - like Adams that he is gifted athletically and quickness. Lots of report mention that he has avg motor and in many instances looks disinterested.

The list i have won't reflect the way the actual draft will go down. But if i was not a gambling man, i feel good about the list above. Dieng is the safest bet that you will get someone who has the body, skill and now champhionship experience.

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