Randy Moss to the Vikings!!!

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Randy Moss to the Vikings!!!

OK, I may be alone here, but I think this is a huge trade for the Vikes. Sure, it is definitely a short term deal, and who knows if Randy even re-ups with the Vikings, but now they have the most dangerous RB and WR on the same team. Without Sidney Rice, they had no real down field threat who could just straight get up their and grab it, now they have RANDY MOSS!!! I have always wondered what it would have been like to see Moss and Favre play together, and while Favre has truly been weak sauce through the first 3 games, this might turn things around. It also will hopefully give Adrian more of a break to maintain his durability. Adrian Peterson is the best RB in the game, and my favorite player. Randy Moss is my next favorite player, and I still have his Vikings jersey, hoping he comes back in 84. The Vikings have a tough road ahead, and this MNF game against the Jets is a real test, but man are they going to be interesting to watch. One other thing that will be interesting to see is how exactly the Patriots offense will fair without Moss. I think a lot of people are quick to write off his contribution to that team. Yes, they have Brady, and Wes Welker is the guy who gets the catches on that team, but I personally feel that Moss was a huge part of Welker's success. Their rookie TE's have been great, but what is their passing game going to be without Randy Moss? They really do not have a guy to step into that number 1 spot and give Welker those openings, I think this will definitely limit his effectiveness. Randy Moss was having a below average season, but even so, his presence was enough to make the Pats offense formidable. He is such a dangerous player that even as a decoy, I believe he wins you some football games. Even with no catches against the Dolphins, he was always attracting the defense towards him. The Pats running game is questionable at best, and now I have no idea what to say about their receiving corp without Randy Moss. Tom Brady is still a great QB, but this will be his biggest test during his career. As well as the Pats defense (and my boy Patrick Chung-2 blocks, 1 pick 6) played on Monday Night, they are nowhere close to the juggernaut they were during their Super Bowl runs. I actually think their defense might indeed be their worst yet with Brady at the helm. They have lost numerous contributors on offense over the years, and as well as Green-Ellis and Woodhead have played, they would scare the hell out of me on a team without a major receiving threat. To me, as dangerous and short term of a move this may be for the Vikings, I think it is more dangerous for the Pats. I would not at all be surprised if the Pats really struggled. Luckily for them, they have 2 picks in each of the first 4 rounds, but I would think that along with re-upping their D-Line and Linebackers, they will be using one of their first few on a receiver. I really hope the Vikes get some resurgence from this move, and even if they do not, the Pats might very well not make the play-offs. The Jets are a team to be reckoned with, and to me have the best defense in the game, and even though Miami lost, they are still only one game back. It will be a battle to get that Wild Card spot in the AFC, and I am predicting that the uphill vert just increased a ton for the Pats. I honestly wonder what Brady is thinking right now. In my estimation, I bet he is incredibly pissed off. Brett Favre on the other hand, probably feels 10 years younger.

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It depends whether he's been trying or not this year... If his play has been bad because of effort/sulking he might be what the Vikings need. On the other hand if he actually has been giving his best then Moss is done. If Brady can't get him the ball I don't think Favre will be able to, not with Minnesota's horrible o-line.

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patriots = cheapest franchise

patriots = cheapest franchise in the nfl, they refuse to show guys the money it took until week 2 to get mofouckin brady his paper!!!

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