Randy Foye to Denver

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Randy Foye to Denver

Apparently Randy Foye is heading to Denver through a sign-and-trade as part of the big GSW salary dump that sent draft picks and overpriced contracts from the GSW to the Jazz. The Jazz receive one second round draft pick (year unknown) from Denver and a trade exception (value unknown as Foye's salary w/Denver has not been disclosed).

The Jazz now have 7 first round picks and 8 second round picks in the next four years. Dennis Lindsey will be a legendary GM. I'm blown away by his productivity in his first year.

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I agree Lindsey is doing an

I agree Lindsey is doing an amazing job. We are stacked with picks going forward. The way Foye shot last year it's sad to see him go, but Brandon Rush can take his place and add some defense.

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Utah vs. Denver in this trade

Denver sign and trade Igoudala. Get Foye and a trade excemption

Utah sign and trade Foye. Get expiring contracts. 2 1st round draft picks and 3 2nd rounders

Either foye is much more valuable then Iggy. Of Utah has a much better gm.

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At this rate

The entire second round will belong to the Jazz.

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