Rajon Rondo has a torn ACL

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Rajon Rondo has a torn ACL

Rondo was a late scratch against the Heat today and was listed as having a hyperextended knee, however right before the 2nd half.......

Nevermind, just saw on TV that Rondo has a torn ACL, really feel bad for the guy, I really hope he comes back stronger and better. If anything, I hope during his rehab that he improves his jumpshot and comes back with a great jumpshot and a better all-around game.

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lol damn I literally just

lol damn I literally just made the same topic

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I was going to post this but

I was going to post this but then I saw there was 4 threads just created about it hahaha!

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Yeah Celtics are done. Tuff

Yeah Celtics are done. Tuff break for Rondo. It looks like Jrue Holiday will start the ASG, and prolly B jennings being a replacement

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If you were the coach of the East Team

Who would you start? Jrue or Kyrie? My choice: Kyrie

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Oh man, that's terrible for

Oh man, that's terrible for Rondo. I'm sorry for all the Celtics fans.

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