Qyntel Woods

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Qyntel Woods

Rememer that guy? That Darius Miles thread reminded me of Woods. I always thought he was going to be a beast, but flamed out I guess for mental reasons, I don't really remember.

I heard somewhere that he is really playing well overseas and has NBA scouts looking at him again. Do you think he can make a comeback?

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I remember Woods and he is

I remember Woods and he is just another classic example of "what would have happened had he gone to college?"

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The Juco T-Mac, I remember

The Juco T-Mac, I remember plasicman ( I dig the Augmon reference ), I feel that time was really off as far as scouting goes, Potential greatly out weighed reason and everyone was trying to find the youngest player with the highest vertical who could play the most positions. I think there is 0 chance of a Woods sighting in the NBA.

I've never heard anyone say "potential wins championships" and I'm glad that period of scouting has been left to the past, in part. I feel if this were 2001 Hassan Whiteside would be taken top 3, I see the immense "potential" in Whiteside and other upside players, but I'm glad as a whole the NBA and scouts whether it be professional or amatuer have taken a step back and learned from the mistakes of trying to find the next Dirk, KG, or Kobe in a hurry and over looking players with much more value down the road although they may look like less on paper.

I think the Juco T-Mac will live in infamy just like Ronnie Feilds, Leon Smith, Ernest Brown, Chris Marcus, and other prospects from that era that not only never panned out, but simply faded away to obscurity.

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He did go to college. He

He did go to college. He kills it in Poland, they call him the Poland Lebron. He has a chance to make it back to the L, otherwise he can stay in Europe and dominate.

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I saw him playing on NBAtv

I saw him playing on NBAtv this year. His team was playing CSKA Moskow.

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Jail Blazers

He left the league and the country that matter for the legal reasons he had going wit the dog kennell and dog fighting, and other citations. Had he been a star at the time who knows how big the issue would of been it happened like 3 years before Vick got caught. But Woods showed alot of promise the few games he played for the knicks. Remenber he was part of that huge 5 team trade in '05 thats involved Jason Williams, Antoine Walker, Kirk Snyder, James Posey, Ostertag, i dun remenber who else but there were others. ( and i only remenber them because i was just reading an article about multi player trades hahaha) But point is Woods off court issues kept him out of the league not talent, he was a JailBlazer.

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