Quote of the Night

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Quote of the Night

"He's following Derrick Rose like bad credit!!!" - Malik Rose on MCW's defense on Rose for tonight's game.

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And just like that the Sixers

And just like that the Sixers are 3-0. 3 wins over potential playoff teams. Impressive. Oh but I will say one thing. I hate that Brown has been playign James Anderson instead of Wroten at the end of these three games (I've watched all three). James has been completely awful shooting the ball.

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I prepared months and months

I prepared months and months in advanced for a horrible tanking season.

QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART (backstreet boys voice)

No.... what an amazing showing these first three games. If we finish 3-79, I wouldnt even mind at this point. Im not gonna say anything about MCW that hasnt been said already last few days but the youngster has slain TWO mvps and surprised everyone in the league. Light skin brothers all around the world are rejoicing with their greatest hits Drake album in their new savior.

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