This is quite pathetic lol.

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This is quite pathetic lol.

So i hadn't thought about it in like 3 months, but what happened to the draft contest? The draft was in June. June. Seems quite pathetic and I never felt like counting my own score. Didn't it use to be just last year the scores came out like a week after?

i'm jus so offended
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Yeah I've been wondering the

Yeah I've been wondering the same thing. I think I did pretty well and now I can't even see it period.

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Miserable lack of execution

Miserable lack of execution by the brains of the operation

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When I counted my score I

When I counted my score I thought I did pretty well too, was hoping for maybe even a top 100 finish.

I knew we would never see the results within a couple weeks after the draft, there were too many site issues and other issues at the time. I'm assuming most of the data was entirely lost. The reason we never hear anything about it is because they're probably trying to ignore it and hope we forget and move on.

As big as this site has gotten I don't understand why they can't hire a legit Web Developer that specifically maintains the site on a daily basis, especially the server-side of things which seems to be causing most of the issues.

A full time designer could also create a new layout, not that the current one is bad but I've seen the same red/white for like 5 years.

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