Quick Help with a fantasy trade

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Quick Help with a fantasy trade

I get- Tyreke Evans and (Andrew Bogut or Michael Beasley) which one do I take

For- Russell Westbrook and Wilson Chandler

quick help me

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what cats are tracked?

what cats are tracked?

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I would do it, Tyrekes number

I would do it, Tyrekes number are going to be better than Russell Westbrook's once Durant get's back in rhythm and the season wears on.

I would take Tyreke and Bogut. Bogut will be consisten with rebouds and blocks, while Tyreke will get you points then a little bit of everything else.

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depends on in witch kind of

depends on in witch kind of leauge you are and what players you have.. i would do the trade and in a points total leauge i take beasley and in a Category based leauge i take bogut but thats only my thougts but getting tyreke is worth both options so just do it!

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don't take it

Wilson Chandler is a fantasy monster.....I'm p*ssed I didn't take him he was there for me in the 10th round.....

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true on chandler

he is a very solid fantasy player i picked him real late in a draft he provides decent points reb shoots decent per from the field and free throw line but onto the topic id take bogut over beaser beaser is gonna give more points but the reb and blocks bogut provides more then make up for the point difference

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