Question for Cavs fans

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Question for Cavs fans

Do you guys regret getting Waiters over Barnes or not?

Barnes is averaging 9.5 ppg, 4.4rpg in 25.5 minutes while shooting 43.4% and 38.8% on 3s for a team currently 5th in the dreaded Western Conference. Most of the times, he's the 4th option in offense.

Waiter is averaging 14.5 ppg, 3.1apg in 30.5 minutes while shooting 38% and 32.6% in 3s for a team which will be competing for the number one pick in 2013.

The biggest difference. Waiters averages 14.3 FGs while Barnes 8.2..

So, thoughts?

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Nope .. Dion struggles at

Nope .. Dion struggles at jump shooting and gets no calls. One consistent improvement college players make after a few years is jump shooting. Dion is dynamic and can get to rim at will. To me Harrison Barnes is stiff and lacks some ball handling, also his per is less than dion and he's on a much better team. Dion showed alot of improvement, in the last month he is shooting 45 percent and averaging 17 a game

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In the moment I hated the pick. I wanted Drummond at the time, but would have been content with Barnes. Waiters does show glimpses of the greatness he can evolve into, but its going to take a lot of work on his part. I watch all their games, and in most to all of them he forces shots, most of them faders or off balanced. It seems as though at times he forgets how easy it is for him to drive to the basket and finish or draw a foul, making it more frustrating to watch him play.
Right now he is coming off the bench as a scoring punch and doing a great job of it.
But to answer your question in the moment, no. I am fine with watching Dion make his rookie mistakes as a rookie and growing as a core member of this team. The coaching staff and organization are looking at this as a whole and focused on the long term.
They have their PG set in stone. Waiters will be starting at the SG. They'll most likely deal with their SF need through this years draft (Shabazz, Bennett, Porter), PF is set with Tristan playing solid since Varejao has been out, and the Center slot is iffy with a Zeller and and oft-injured Varejao. Going forward, it looks like they might keep Varejao in a Cavs uniform for a while. But if they hit a home run in this draft and with the possiblity of things working out in the Cavs favor (Lakers making playoffs, Kings possibly just missing out) Waiters will be a huge part of this team going forward.

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I'm happy with Waiters as a

I'm happy with Waiters as a Cavs fan. His ability to get to the rim is special and once he figures out how to use it consistently - he can be a very good scorer.
He also sometimes shows his passing ability and he is an adequate defender. I honestly expected him to be so much worse.

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I'm no cavs fan but I think

I'm no cavs fan but I think dion will best be used as a sixth man ala James harden/Jamal Crawford. Getting BMac or Bazz and moving waiters to the bench would be good and deadly

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Yeah, I was expecting a car-crash

Yeah, I was expecting a car-crash but he's shown he can hang in the league, that shooting clinic he had against the Clippers a couple of months ago was a real eye opener. I'm not really worried about his shot selection as he's still just a rookie and inconsistent play is expected, i'm comfortable with Irving and Waiters as the backcourt going forward and another top pick will shape this team up very nicely.

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Waiters has done far more

Waiters has done far more than I expected in his rookie year and is playing more minutes and scoring heavier than some guys in their 3rd year in the league. Barnes has come along quietly despite being a much more hyped prospect than Waiters. I think Barnes was a great pick up for GSW at 7 but Waiters has gone a long way to start justifying his draft pick.

But lets look at this in a few years time, 40 games does not make an NBA career or justify a draft status. Derrick Favours for instance a year 3 NBA guy still has to get into a situation where we can see just how good he is rather than limited cameos.

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Like many people I hated the

Like many people I hated the waiters pick. I think the biggest thing for him is coping with so many no calls. He is finally not being discourged by no calls and doing what he does best, go to the rim and jump shot second. Also, his ability to get by defenders and dance around around the guy trying to take a charge is amazing. Waiters is playing big mintues 30MPG but not outragous mintues like lillard. I think he will become a very very good player in this league.

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Can't complain. For a rookie

Can't complain. For a rookie he's doing all he can. Also, I heard a rumor on twitter that he's the first ever rookie to come off the bench and score 33 for their team? Not sure if true but if so I see some star power in him.

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