question about pofile pic... please don't neg me for this lame question

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question about pofile pic... please don't neg me for this lame question

Not sure where to turn to, but I'm having trouble changing my profile pic.

I have an image that has been resize (below 30kb) and i resize it too so that it's small and comprised.. Just how ya'll like it. It still wont upload.

What gives? I'm a relatively new user and I love the .net. It would be great to learn from you guys, and not get insulting gifs for ma ignorance

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It seems to be delayed. I've

It seems to be delayed. I've had many issues with it as well.

The best course of action that worked for me was:

  1. Delete the current picture first
  2. Then add the new one
  3. At this point the old one you DELETED will show back up again
  4. Just leave the 'deleted' pic up and within 1-2 hours it should show the new one

It's weird and I've never seen an issue like it before, it's either bad coding or just server stress/lag.

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I usually just delete my picture, wait a few days and then post the new one.

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“Yeah, it’s going to be a

“Yeah, it’s going to be a challenge for us,” admits Davis. “We’re just going to try and go out there and have fun.”

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