Question about the all-star games

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Question about the all-star games

Hey Guys (and ladies... I know you're out there somewhere),

I just have a question about the all start game. How do cities get nominated to host the games? I swear back in 2006 or 2007 Houston was hosting the allstar games and now they're hosting it again. And I saw on hoopshype that Mark Cuban wants to host the games again but didn't they just host it recently?

So my question to you... Why don't they have the all star games in different cities. For example Milwaukee, Minnesota or Toronto?! Is there certain requirements?

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A couple of years ago MLSE

A couple of years ago MLSE made it clear they had not requested to host the All-star game because of all the construction in and around the Air Canada Centre. Most of that is done now so I'd bet Toronto gets the game in the next three years at some point... hopefully at a time when Wiggins, Bennett and Tristan Thompson have a shot at playing in the game in their home town.

And I think Minny has hosted the game before.

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True but they want the games

True but they want the games in somewhat big cities, if your an all star do you really want to go to Minnesota for the game instead of say Orlando.

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