Puzzling lineup 4 cavs

Idk if things have changed or anything but i jus thought about the trade the cavs made for shaq and im wondering..........wat the hell happened to Z? is ziggy still on the team and if so is he gonna be coming off the bench? now i kno this may sound crazy but i predicted the starting lineup in my head would be: pg mo williams, sg delonte west, sf Bron, pf Shaq? C ziggy? i mean i jus dont know wat they will do. are they planning on trading zigg after he was destroyed by dwight in the east finals? wat do u think?

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Shaq cannot play PF...at all

Shaq cannot play PF...at all

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LMFAO at Knicksboy

LMFAO at Knicksboy

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Big Z

is already said to be coming off the bench.

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I Really Think Its Not fair

I Really Think Its Not fair to Just Trade Big Z after Having a Bad Series, he was a CAV his whole career and has provided some help to lebron, and he is still good, Z is 7 foot and can shoot 3's shaq gives yu that inside presence but i think if anything let Z back him up

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They're both old and

They're both old and shouldn't average over 25 minutes a game if they want to be saved for the playoffs. This should allow for both of them to get their share of playing time at the center position during the season. It also gives cle. versatility. If they want more offense then big Z can go in. If their D is strugglin then The Big Acquisition can play.

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It's not puzzling, it's a perfect combination

In the current format, if Mike Brown is smart (jury's still out on that one), he could give both Shaq and Ilgauskas 20 games off and limit their minutes to just 20-25 in the games they play together,

That would keep both fresh for the playoffs, maximizing the Cav's chances.

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I think that is a wise set

I think that is a wise set up but I doubt he would use it.

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so after hearing all this

wat is the starting lineup next year?

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did not even play back to bak games last year. Big Z makes my legs hurt watching him run/ between the two hopefully they will survive another season. playing at the most 24 mins. a game.

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