Put Up Or Shut Up Time For OJ Mayo

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Put Up Or Shut Up Time For OJ Mayo

OJ Mayo is temporarily the go to guy of the Milwaukee Bucks, now there's no excuse for him not to have a breakout season. Last season he was off to a very good start until Dirk returned, and his production fell off. Let's see if he can sustain that level of play for a whole season, with him being the person looked on to put buckets in the basket all year

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... he should produce and

... he should produce and improve his game... but life in a gang of brewers is tough. I think he will end up in jail with some other well known gang members of Kripts and Boodas

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Every time DonKrypt here

Every time DonKrypt here posts a forum topic I am going to include a link to his gang seems like the right thing to do for the integrity of this site:

Put up or shut up time for you DonKrypt:

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There is no reason why he

There is no reason why he shouldn't average over 20 a game.

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i just came here...

i just came here to neg the CJ McCollum looking brother... its a toss up between who is the worst poster on this site, him or aivsdirk...

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aivsdirk by a landslide,

aivsdirk by a landslide, dude. Not to take anything away from this guys sucky-ness.

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Why are we all forgetting

Why are we all forgetting EuroBaller and his multiple new personas he has made?

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to be fair

I never read about him complaing even when he was doing the 6th man thing he always said the right thing.

As much as I want him to breaking out for him wold just be playing a more complete game in terms of non scoring stats.
I guess it comes down to what you expect or think he has the ability to achieve. Mont a avg 19/4/6 for Milwaukee I'm not sure he can trump any of those stats maaaaaaaybe the points but not by more than 2.

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Saying Mayo stats fell off

Saying Mayo stats fell off after Dirk came back is an understatement... The last month & a half Mayo was terrible. Dirk isn't a selfish player or a high volume shooter, I think to start the season Mayo just had a hot streak. 51% from Downtown while shooting over 5 a game can not last.

I look at Milwaukee's team and want to believe he'll be over 20 points per game, but then I look back over the box scores against top-level teams and see all the double digit games (Check for yourself if you want).

He might score 20 but his percentages will drop and his turnover rate will be somewhere around 3.5-4. With his less than stellar 14 PER, as a Mavs fan I'm actually content with the Mayo for Monta swap. If you've never watched a Mavs game please don't mention perimeter defense.

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Mayo will definitely have a

Mayo will definitely have a big opportunity, but this could also be a huge opportunity for Ersan Ilyasova. He's been one of the most efficient scorers in the NBA the past two years. I'm looking forward to seeing if he has a little more in him. He's been so good at scoring within the flow of the offense the past few years so I'm curious to see what happens now that teams may be able to focus on him more.

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Wow... I can't believe he's

Wow... I can't believe he's right. This may be the first time I don't neg DonKrypt.

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Ersan is the got to guy

Ilyasova is actually the guy Milwaukee wants to be the go to guy... Mayo is more of a playmaker and was brought in to help facilitate the offense... That is one of the reasons the Bucks traded Jennings for Knight because he and Mayo will play well together and not dominate the basketball... Ersan can be a 20 and 10 guy if given the opportunity... I'm sure the Bucks wouldn't mind a 18-20 points with around 5 asts and 5 Rebs from Mayo if that means Ersan is getting his shots and they are a competitive team...

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