Pthetic, Pathetic, Pathetic

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Pthetic, Pathetic, Pathetic

that was a pathetic performance by the lakers, just downright pathetic. In the first quarter, Kobe wass the only one trying to make somthing happen, and he even tailed off later. No effort at all in the second half. But congrats to Phil on a great coaching career, but to the players, just pathetic. Magic is right blow it all, get new faces, a new culture, more athletes. They couldn't even handle the Mavs who have no athletes other than Tyson Chandler and whatever Shawn Marion has left as far as athleticism goes. Dallas isn't even a team that likes to run! The lakers got outplayed, outhustled, and outworked in every aspect of the game. Congrats to Dallas, an amazing sieres, and great three point shooting.

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they also got out-classed though that is not saying much

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The Lakers definitely need

The Lakers definitely need some new faces. Better shooters and athletes on the wing.

And Pau needs to seek out a counselor or therapist or something this summer.

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That was just a straight up cheap shot. There was absolutely no intent to block the shot, he pretty much just tried to break Barea's ribs. It was especially dangerous that it was in mid-air, who knows- it could have ended up like TJ Ford a while back when he got hit in mid air and broke his back.

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At least Pau will have all

At least Pau will have all summer to sulk about losing his fiancée w/o anybody on his back. Btw can't be mad at the Lakers the last 4 years were great.

O and with the way the Mavs shot he ball all series they definetly deserved i don't know any team that could stop a team that hot LA just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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