Proud to be a Bulls fan

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Proud to be a Bulls fan

Well, as you know, the Chicago Bulls season has come to an end. But all is not loss and I'm not going to let this series against the Miami Heat put in a bitter taste in my mouth. Not at all... I'm proud to be a Bulls fan. For the first time in a long time, I've seen a Bulls team that has risen on top of the Eastern Conference. I've seen this team achieve some of the things that most people hadn't expected them to achieve... the best record in the league despite injuries to some of their key players, an unbelievable chemistry that gave them 62 wins, a head coach who seems to eat, breathe and sleep with pentel pen and board in his hands, a Franchise Player who became the youngest to win the MVP award... and the fact that he is still 22 years old and hasn't even received his biggest paycheck with Bulls is mindboggling and somewhat scary if you are an opposing team.

The loss will be a learning experience to my Bulls, if anything. Tom Thibodeau said he "hopes" they will learn from this year, MarcusFizer21 KNOWS they learn a LOT from this long playoff experience. One of my dreams for Derrick aside from winning the MVP award, is to make the playoffs every year of his career. People often disregard playoff pains and frustrations but it will only make a team better and better. I can't say I'm disappointed at all to the Bulls. They've fought real well to get deep into the playoffs and I'm very proud of what they have achieved this season... From Derrick Rose to Brian Scalabrine (yup, I said I salute every one of them.The front office did a great job assembling a cast of unselfish guys who will do anything to win.

So to my "brothers" tezo(yeah, even if ur in Hoosier State), DanEboy, joewolf1, yupyup, SmellingDRoses and all the Bulls fans out there, let's keep our head up... I know Derrick's going to bounce back like he said... He's gonna be more "hungry" and more "dedicated" to improve his game, I can't wait to see what's in store for the Bulls next season... Loyal Bulls fans... Keep em coming... Yeah!!!!!!

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The Bulls will be contending

The Bulls will be contending for the years to come, but one thing seems troublesome. Boozer is paid like an all-star but he doesn't play like one. The Bulls need that 2nd option if they want to seriously contend for the years to come. The Bulls fans can and should be proud nevertheless. A great season!

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it hard to end a season with

it hard to end a season with a loss like this, it even painful to me and i'm not a Bulls fan only supported her in this series.

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The Bulls will never win

one as long as they have to play the Heat.

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I don't see them getting past

I don't see them getting past the Heat for the next few years. The Heat have the best player in the game, another top five guy and a legit all-star power forward. Joel Anthony is a halfway decent center and shockingly scored about as much as Noah did for much of the series. Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller are very solid bench players who can come off the bench and perform. Chalmers is a solid bench point guard. He can hit big shots and he has good size. The Heat need an upgrade at point guard, but they can probably get a good one with the 31st pick. They have Dexter Pittman who might play next year, another big man to take up space, and they can probably bring one of their veteran centers back for pretty cheap.

Everyone knew that the Heat had the better players than the Bulls at 1-3. The shocking thing was that the Heat ALSO had the better players from 4-8 (Anthony, Haslem, Miller, Bibby vs. Noah, Gibson, Bogans, and Korver).

The Heat have 2 superstars, 1 all-star, a shot-blocking center who can't score, along with one good power forward and some decent role players off the bench. The Bulls have 1 superstar, no all-stars, two very good players, a shot-blocker who can't score, along with one good power forward and some decent role players off the bench. Both teams have mid-level draft picks (Heat at 31, Bulls at 28 and 30), but the Heat only need a quality point guard, and some depth at center, while the Bulls need another go-to player, plus a shooter/scorer off the bench.

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Derrick Rose

Im really excited for next year. I think Rose is now more motivated than ever and I expect another big improvement from him in the offseason. He plans on working on his postgame and Im sure his jumpshot will make a big improvement. He probably blames himself for losing to the heat and hes going to come back hungrier next year.

Boozer needs to get his stuff together or frankly, I dont want him on the team. If he doesn't get his old game back I want Taj as are starter next year. I know hes almost impossible to trade but if somehow they could get rid of his salary because we need another star on this team. Im sure we will get an upgrade at the SG position this summer, Im not sure if we will find the long term answer though.

So to the Bulls, great year guys appreciate all you have done. Have to get to work this summer though. Management needs to be aggressive or this team will always be the 2nd best team in the East behind the heat.

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I can't wait to see Rose's

I can't wait to see Rose's game next year. I bet he'll be working like a mad man all summer.

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