Protection picks

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Protection picks

for somebody with knowledge about lottery protected picks and top protected picks can someone just explain how that works. And better yet what is it that allows the team to protect a pick is it cash compensation or what? Thanks in advance

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when you are trading away a

when you are trading away a pick you can put a protection on it which both sides agree. And you agree to what happens if it is protected that year in the same agreement. For example you can say if it is protected, unprotected first round next year or two 2nd rounders etc. it is based on the actual trade.

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A team giving away a pick can

A team giving away a pick can put as little or as much protection on it as they want. Some trades are used to just move a player on for cash considerations and could include a top 55 protected 2nd round pick which may never convey over but is just there in a trade.

The Kings could have possibly asked for less protection on the NOP pick or for it to be unprotected in DMC trade. Nets should have put some protection on the Boston trade for KG,PP in hindsight.

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Thanks for the info guys,

Thanks for the info guys, makes more sense now.

They added the ability to put protection on your picks in 2K17 and I was honestly not sure what that meant. I assumed if the conditions were met you'd just lose the pick entirely, I didn't know you got two 2nd rounders or an unprotected next year. Now...whether the game actually implemented something like that I need to test, for all I know in the game you may just lose it, depends how in depth they went with it.

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