Prospects snubbing memphis??

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Prospects snubbing memphis??

I mean seriously whats going on....There are tons of players that would kill to get a workout with an nba team. Im not against agents or anything but there can make a player unhumble. NBA is a job a business who are they to decide where they go instead of just going into the situation with a open mind. For the record Memphis isnt a team I watch much but just the thought of it sickens me.

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There has been some talk that

There has been some talk that New Orleans is really leaning towards Paul George right now at pick #11. A lot of propects have snubbed them, but one possible reason George did is because he thinks he'll be off the board by #12.

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Still no reason to skip a

Still no reason to skip a workout!...Gordon hayward skipped also

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they should draft a power

they should draft a power forward for the future. if gay walks then they can trade randolphs expiring deal to Utah for AK 47. or Detroit for Hamilton, Prince and Jerebko if they send Conley too

With Utah trade
Conley - Mayo - draft pick - draft pick - Gasol
draft pick - Young - Carrol - Athur - Thabeet

With Detroit trade
Mayo - Hamilton - Prince - Draft pick - Gasol
draft pick - Young - Jerebko - Arthur/ draft pick - Thabeet

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If George knows he's getting drafted

If George knows he's getting drafted ahead of #12, then there's no incentive to risk injury / waste time to work out for the Griz.

I am not sure why Hayward would skip it though, I don't think he's top 11 worthy.

Anyway, it's crazy that so many players not willing to go to Memphis for workout.

I think this also has something to do with why the Griz drafted Thabeet last year because quite a few prospects decided against going to Memphis.

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Do players trust Michael

Do players trust Michael Heisley's ability to build a championship level team? How times has the media stated how much of a "penny pincher" he is? Likely a shot in the dark, but why wouldn't Hayward work out for them? I figured he'd be the last wing on the board available to them after Johnson, Aminu, Babbitt, Henry, and George are drafted ahead of them.

WAS: Wall
PHI: Turner
NJ: Favors
MN: Cousins
SAC: Johnson
GS: Monroe
DET: Aldrich
LAC: Aminu
UTH: Babbitt
IND: Henry
NOH: George
MEM: Hayward?

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anyone who skips a workout is

anyone who skips a workout is trash. they dont know what kind of trades are being worked out or who is going to draft who. And you guys say its the agent well if the Client wants to workout for a team guess what he can its a cop out.

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One reason that players might

One reason that players might be hsistant to go to Memphis is that they (theri agents) know that Memphis wants to re-sign Rudy Gay. If they do that, these SFs will be relegated to the bench for the forseable future, and their prospects will be severely hampered.

Also, it is not like they will be moved to SG because Mayo is there, and the Grizzlies are not benching him for a rookie SG unless his name is MJ ... Many of these players would not play/succeed at PF.

It is all about $$$, agents want their players to start so they can get a big second contract. The difference between the salaries of 9th and 12th picks are nowhere near the difference in salary that a strong starter (logging over 30 min a game in their 3rd year) makes.

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Both Paul George and Gordon

Both Paul George and Gordon Hayward were injured in previous workouts before their scheduled visits with the Grizz. Hayward injured his hamstring at a New Orleans workout. Paul George had a groin injury. The same goes for Avery Bradley, he is shutting down about 6-7 more workouts due to an injury, one of them being the Grizz.

Udoh and Elliot Williams have also decided against working out for the Grizz.

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First of all, I know that a lot of you are mad that players are skipping workouts for your favorite teams. That doesn't mean that the player is trash. Sometimes it's the smart thing to do, but most of the time it ends up backfiring. I think it's funny, and I'm a Jazz fan. So many players have said "EFF NO" to working out for us...

Any thoughts on who the Grizzlies might draft? Who would be the best fit for them?

I think Patterson would be a great fit. So would Bradley and Hayward.

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thatguy - i dont like those

thatguy - i dont like those trades for the griz at all because we're so close to making the playoffs and that would break the team up and really almost send us back into total rebuild mode

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