Proposed Rule Change

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Proposed Rule Change

When a team commits a shot clock violation and the defense gets possession of the ball, the play shouldn't be whistled dead. A lot of times, the defense has a major transition advantage after a shot clock violation, and they should be rewarded.

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In FIBA rules I'm pretty sure

In FIBA rules I'm pretty sure it is a continuation if the defense comes up with the ball and it is a really good way to play.
Not too mention it would speed the game up a bit.

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I'm all for it

That's the one thing from soccer I'd like to see basketball adopt...and they can have the flopping back for f's sake while we're at it.

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Hockey rules.

Hockey rules.

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It's another opportunity for

It's another opportunity for the broadcaster to take yet another commercial time out.

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I guess I don't mind that

I guess I don't mind that rule change...though I don't think it happens all that often. It might happen once a game but every time it does, people notice and make a big deal of it.

I'd love to see Refs figure out how to slow down the continuation stuff. Some of it makes sense to me, but I really dislike when a guy gets fouled and afterwards puts up a shot. That to me, shouldn't be continuation. If a guy isn't in a shot motion, I don't think they should be awarded points.

It's hard to police because determining what is technically a "shot motion" requires some judgement but I can't stand when a guy gets fouled in transition past the three point line, takes two steps and puts up a shot and makes it and its awarded. It baffles me.

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Speeding up the game in

Speeding up the game in general is necessary imo. As a soccer fan, I'm not used to endless interruptions, and I find NBA games barely watchable.

Timeouts are particularly unbearable. There are already 3 'timeouts' between the 4 quarters, for God's sake. What's the point?

I'm being naive, of course. NBA games are basically a succession of commercials. They'll keep adding pauses till people start wondering 'hey, wasn't I supposed to watch basketball?'

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The basketball in between the

The basketball in between the ads is definitely anoying and something they should change ;) But in all seriousness, I completely agree with you. I like the game of basketball, but all timeouts and stops kill the flow of watching a game in the NBA...

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On Saturday mornings here

On Saturday mornings here they play NBA games on ESPN simultaneously with Euroleague on the Eurosports channel.

I've switched over to Euroleague so many times simply because I get so annoyed with all the ads and the game on Eurosports has less interruptions.

I think some of you guys would be surprised at the quality of the Basketball in Europe. The crowds go nuts, and they play with so much intensity and teamwork. The shooting & passing is on par with the NBA, it's just the athleticism that's a couple of notches lower.

I'm not saying a Euroleague team could beat an NBA team.....but a top Euroleague club's starting 5 could definitely beat a team of NBA back-ups....of this I have no doubt.

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