Proposal: Memphis/Milwaukee + Toronto Rebuild

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Proposal: Memphis/Milwaukee + Toronto Rebuild

First of all I don't know if Memphis would want to make a trade right now seeing as they're in the hunt but otherwise I like it for everyone.


Midseason rebuild dumping Randolph's expiring contract and Mayo who's turned into a problem for them along with Thabeet who isn't working out. Get replacement starters in Barbosa and Gooden and depth in Evans, Mbah a Moute and Bayless.


Playoff push move aquiring a double double machine and Mayo to play next to Jennings for years to come. Give up depth players Gooden and Mbah a Moute along with Sanders and a 1st to Toronto.


Toronto is in full rebuild mode here and might as well start now. This is a team looking for an identity with a few good young chips to build around. They trade away Barbosa and Bayless and dump Evans expiring and Kleiza's bad contracts for 2 first round picks this year, Milwaukees and the one Minnesota got from Memphis. Minnesota gets another bust 2nd overall centre to backup Darko and a 2010 first rounder in Sandes for a mid-1st round pick this year.
Toronto would then have 4 first round picks to rebuild with this draft and a great chance to form an identity for the Raptors. With their top 5 pick they should take a centre like Kanter to take the pressure off of Bargnani and let him play more minutes at the 4. Then with their other 3 first rounders why not target the Canadians, Thompson and the Joseph cousins. Memphis and Milwaukee's picks should be high enough to fetch the best two easily while they might need to throw in their 2nd with Miami's 1st for the last. If they could flip Ed Davis for an established wing like a Dunleavey they could be on their way to having a Canadian/International team with real potential.

PG: Calderon, Cory Joseph

SG: Derozen, Weems

SF: Dunleavy, Kris Joseph

PF: Johnson, Thompson

C: Bargnani, Kanter

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Gives up nothing? Strange trade, do not think it would work. Trading Ed Davis would be a huge mistake, and drafting a team Canada is a pretty bad idea. Overall, I think this trade is pretty wack for every team except Milwaukee. Dream on Aerosmith fan.

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no way the raps would trade ed d

hes starting too develop nicely no way they trade him unless it would be part of a deal to get a legit star you just dont trade young bigs in the nba

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would never do this in a million years.

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I think Memphis would want to

I think Memphis would want to receive something for Thabeet. And the Raps giving up Davis, is just a mistake. Him, Derozan, and Bargnani are the best players on the team. They need to do all they can to keep them. The only players the Raps should be giving are Jose Calderon, Jerryd Bayless and maybe some of their backups, but definitely not Davis.

And I think its a rule in the NBA that if a team is involved in a trade then that team MUST give up a player. Otherwise its not really a trade. No team is just gonna give a team 2 players without receiving anything back. Minny's has got to give up at least 1 player in order to make this work.

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I get it trying to get some

I get it trying to get some Canadian players for ticket sales and ownership purposes but Joesph wont be ready and Thopson needs to develope some post moves or he is going to be another Stromile Swift.

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Why would Memphis rebuild

Why would Memphis rebuild were their so close to being a playoff team?

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So the wolves trade no one and gett 2 players? Are you a wolves fan? Because not even i love the wolves that much to be blinded this much lol. Granted neither of them are very good lol. But still there is no way someone would be in a trade and get nothing lol And the raptors give up like 5 plays and only get one guy back? Sorry but the math just does not add up.

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One of the dumbest trades

One of the dumbest trades I've seen!!!!!

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this trade is bs for the bucks and raptors

this trade is bs for the bucks and raptors. I think the Bucks would most definetly like to see Larry Sanders develop more, and for the raptors, they get an injured Michael Redd, who has been gone for 2 seasons. About a year ago Redd used to be my favorite player, but since he got injured it feels like he fell of the face of the earth. Even when he does come back, there is not a chance Redd is worth Barbosa, Reggie Evans, Jerryd Bayless, and Linas Kleiza.

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LOL AT -15! Hell even I

LOL AT -15! Hell even I played along and docked myself a point haha.

Alright obviously no one read that Minnesota gives up the 1st they aquired from Memphis. My bad for expecting you to read and not just click on the link. I just had Memphis reaquiring that pick for Thabeet more or less, Sanders probably shouldn't even be in there.

Toronto would get 2 firsts for Bayless + 2 expiring contracts while dumping that retarded multiyear deal Colangelo gave Kleiza. Even if the idea of stocking up with Canadians for fan appeal (like the Atlanta Thrashers do with black players in the NHL) doesn't appeal to them the Raps would still be thrilled with this deal. 2 firsts for Bayless is a rebuilding team's wet dream.

Memphis wants to part ways with Mayo and have already more or less come out and said they will resign Gasol over Randolph. They're in a tough spot right now and in all honesty probably won't be able to find a good way out, but in another thread Memphis-Tyga asked me to take a shot at a landing spot for Mayo and this was the best I could do.

I can't believe the Milwaukee fan doesn't like this one! Getting Mayo to play next to Jennings would be sick, he'd be putting up 18 again in no time. For a team who's struggling to score adding a double double machine and well-rounded young scorer with potential seems ideal.

PG: Jennings/Boykins/Dooling
SG: Mayo/Salmons
SF: Maggette/Delfino/Kleiza
PF: Randolph/Ilyasova
C: Bogut/Brockman

Still not a great team but definitely worth losing Gooden, Mbah a Moute and 1st for IMHO!

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"like the Atlanta Thrashers

"like the Atlanta Thrashers do with black players in the NHL"


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The trade is to stupid Larry

The trade is to stupid

Larry Sanders isn't going anywhere

Jerryd Bayless isn't going anywhere

Mbah a Moute isn't going anywhere

Why would Memphis want Gooden's contract?

Why would Milwaukee want Kleiza's contract?

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