Project X-esque party allegedly hosted by Dion Waiters

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Project X-esque party allegedly hosted by Dion Waiters

An excerpt:

"An invitation for the $40 dollar a ticket splash party was posted on Twitter. That invite features a photo of Waiters, a Philadelphia native, and lists him as the host. Borough officials claim they never saw the invite, however.

They also say they didn’t realize another township in South Jersey canceled the event when they found out there would be a bar. Perkasie Borough ultimately booked the party only a few days before it took place.

Police say the party attendees climbed on police cars and pushed lifeguards into the pool. Two dozen officers from neighboring towns were called in to help. Ultimately, officials say, the party goers left litter on the pool property as well as a few broken chairs and a damaged table."

My take:
Dion Waiters had an up-and-down first season in the league, averaging 14.7 points per game but shooting just 41.2 percent from the field. The second-year player approached this year's summer league as if he was already a proven star and did anything but take it seriously. He had two games in which he scored more than 23 points but also one in which he scored just three. He clashed with coaches in high school and then reportedly with Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim during his freshman year, when he reported to practice overweight. Boeheim went so far as to say Waiters "played no defense. Not some. None."

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I totally wish he would have invited me. Waiters is young and just trying to have fun, but with the season approaching he should be at the gym and hopefully he won't get carried away.

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Cleveland should have taken

Cleveland should have taken Ben McLemore.

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Entry Fee

800 people at $40 per? Even if it was an open bar Dion might have made a few bucks that evening.

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Might?!? A handle of any

Might?!? A handle of any decent alcohol costs around 20-30 dollars. Each person isn't drinking more than a quarter of that. If this is true he came out big! I work at a music venue in west Hollywood and we clean up when we have open bar at $20 cover, he's making bank at $40.

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hes a great guy

hes a great guy

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