Previously on Missing... (From the Producers of Lost)

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Previously on Missing... (From the Producers of Lost)

Previously on Missing... (From the Producers of Lost)

Troublemakers Willie Warren and Lance Stephenson were drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2010 NBA draft. When they arrived to training camp later that summer, a scuffle broke out among themselves, and several other players over who would be the point guard of the team. The rest of the team tried to break up the fight, but eventually everybody was intertwined on the floor. John Bryant -- an unguaranteed invitee -- arrived late to camp. He attempted to hide his tardiness by jumping into the roster dust cloud on the court. However, he collided with Zach Randolph, and the impact of their guts formed a wormhole. A short time later, the team awoke on a beach, unsure of what had happened. Tensions grew when the team witnessed Darrell Arthur get killed by a giant pterodactyl. The three overachievers on the team, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay and Ronnie Brewer set off to find answers, while others turned to John Bryant for guidance. Hamed Haddadi was jealous and wanted to be considered the leader, but he could not gain any followers. Zach Randolph was found a short time later marching around a tree, proclaiming his love for it. Marcus Williams' instincts kicked in, creating an urge to pilfer Zach's tree. John's camp was turning into a success of sorts. His people were happy and finding ways to eat, thanks to Team Hustle (Sam Young and DeMarre Carrol) and Hasheem Thabeet's length. Young's tongue was cut off by a talking (and delicious) giant crab. After Willie saw the success of the camp, he decided to change his ways, in order to make friends and feed himself. As Ronnie, Rudy and OJ were running through the jungle, they encountered a violent tyrannosaurus rex. They defeated it using teamwork, and continued their search for answers...


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

NoMoney also took the time to answer some of his reader's questions.

felipe from jersey

Q: Hey this stuff is great! My question is did everybody go back in time or what.

A: Thanks Felipe. Keep reading, all of your questions will be answered.

Maurice Wolin from Petaluma

Q: why are there no girls so gay

A: There are girls. Just look a little harder.




  1. 1. That's not a question.
  2. 2. Where is BUT?
  3. 3. All the caps are unnecessary.

Now that we have all that established, I assure everybody that I am fully aware that Willie Warren and Lance Stephenson were not drafted by the Grizzlies. I intentionally started the story just before the draft because it works better this way. Dysfunction is one of the underlying foundations behind the humor of our story, and Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez just don't provide the same level of dysfunction as Willie Warren and Lance Stephenson. Just try to use your imagination and enjoy Willie's hijinks.

Tom from here

Q: Where's the next episode?

A: We've had budget issues from day one (Curse you, McDunkin Management...). We are also very busy, and the episodes take a while to write. No worries though, bud. The next one will be out very soon.

John from Nowhere

Q: Zach Randolph is my favorite. LOL

A: It only gets better my friend. There will be plenty of "Zach-Action", as our writers like to say.

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Keep it up

I look forward to these wierd now science fiction tales.

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I thought that was funny. I

I thought that was funny. I hope there is a drum solo

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Reading your stories make me

Reading your stories make me happy money....scratch that...they make me something even happier than happy...they make me Drakehappy


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Doesn't Drake look alot like

Doesn't Drake look alot like Bert from Sesame Street?

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