Predict 2013-2014 All Rookie First and Second team

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Predict 2013-2014 All Rookie First and Second team

All Rookie first team

PG - Trey Burke
SG - Ben McLemore
SF - Otto Porter
PF - Cody Zeller
C - Gorgui Dieng

All Rookie Second Team

PG - Michael Carter-Williams
SG - Victor Oladipo
SF - Shabazz Muhammad
PF - Mason Plumlee
C - Kelly Olynyk

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PG Trey Burke SG Ben

PG Trey Burke
SG Ben McLemore
SF Shabazz Muhammed
PF Anthony Bennett
C Cody Zeller

PG Dennis Schroeder
SG CJ McCollum (not sold on him as a point guard)
SF Otto Porter
PF Kelly Olynyk
C Alex Len

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Seeing as how these players

Seeing as how these players aren't on teams yet creating this list is pointless.

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seeing as position rarely

seeing as position rarely matters for the all rookie team, it is typically the ten best players from the class so those are wrong too, also situation matters a lot when it comes to making a rookie team.

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Trey Burke is a ball dominant

Trey Burke is a ball dominant speedster who can score. So, he should be able to put up stats as he should get plenty of minutes.

Nerlens Noel will play some this year even if he misses some games due to that injury and he will also be rusty.

I think the rookie teams will be based on stats, not necessarily PER. Based on PER I think the two Louisville guys -- Dieng and Siva will look solid. But will they put up the raw stats and get the extended minutes?

I like Withey and think he will be effective when he plays.

Oladipo might be an effective guy but he might not put up huge stats. Tony Allen has been a solid rotation guy (and now a core guy with the Grizzlies) but his career averages are around 9 points, 3 boards, and 1 assist a game. Unless he puts up great steals numbers and gets to the line to pad his scoring stats, his numbers might not be there, even if he plays effective all-around defense, and finishes around the basket at a solid clip.

Ben McLemore should get plenty of shots and minutes. If he gets to the line he should be able to put up solid scoring numbers, because he will finish some fast breaks and throw down some alley-oops.

Here it goes.

1st Team All-Rookie

PG Trey Burke
SG Ben McLemore
SF Shabazz Muhammed (might be so overrated that he is underrated at this point)
PF Anthony Bennett (a power forward with length and hustle should be able to post solid points and rebounds numbers)
C Nerlens Noel

2nd Team All-Rookie

SG Victor Oladipo (I can see him getting 8 points, 3.5 boards, and a steal a game. That could be enough)
SF Otto Porter (not sold on him totally, but he should be able to put up some solid stats)
C Alex Len
C Jeff Withey
C Kelly Olynyk

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Position doesn't matter and

Position doesn't matter and nobody is on a team yet, as mentioned above.

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Noel will miss at least half

Noel will miss at least half the year, and probably be brought along slowly. I doubt he's on any rookie teams.

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