Pre-Game Celebrations

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Pre-Game Celebrations

So im watching the NBA finals and im seeing the pre game player announcements and watching sum of the gestures they do. and im thinking to myself are they really coming up with sum of this stuff or is this made up by someone else from the staff or watever. I mean seriously the shit me and my friends in high schoool did was waayyy cooler than wat im seeing from Paul Pierce and others are doing as far as the handshakes and stuff go. But it made me wonder wat do sum of u guys if u played ball before wat did yall do before pre game? did u have guys dance in the middle of the huddle or wat? also my pregame stuff usually really amped me up for the game i was about to play. I see sum guys like kobe jus come out stone face killer and not doing anything. like hes jus bottling up that anger and excitement. did any of u do that or did yall have to get rowdy before the game?

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