Pre draft workouts head to head

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Pre draft workouts head to head

Ben Mclemore vs Victor Oladipo. One on one

Who wins and why?

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Oladipo. His defense would

Oladipo. His defense would smother McLemore.

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Oladipo simply because while

Oladipo simply because while neither of them are very good at creating their own offense, Oladipo would at least be able to muscle his way to the rim.

At the end of the day though, there's a lot more to basketball than playing one on one, and I don't think either one of these guys are really one on one kinda players. They're the kinda guys that will play off of other people.

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When you put some1 who can't really create offense for himself against a really good defender, well .. Oladipo!

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U guys iz dum. Dem drills et

U guys iz dum. Dem drills et the combine will reqiire shooting simthing olapido cant do. U fools talking like victor iz hercules and ben is don knotts. Ben got a nba body .

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Now in English please...

Now in English please...

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More interested in...

Would love to see Lil Big Dog vs Shabazz, or any combination of the following bigs: Plumlee, Zeller, McGary, Len, Austin and Olynyk. Those six all seem to be in a pack just waiting for workouts to start establishing a real pecking order.

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It will be Interesting to see

It will be Interesting to see Lorenzo Brown vs Michael Carter-Williams too

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Hahaha he said like Vic is

Hahaha he said like Vic is Hercules and Ben is Don Knotts

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