pre draft measurments and final size

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pre draft measurments and final size

hey guys just answerd on a thread were somebody asek about shaq´s size and compared some pre draft measurements to the size listed on as an example for most websites. so here are the values according to draftexpress and and my questions to that. especially compare howard and bosh:

Shaq: Pre-Draft: 7'1 without shoes = > 7'1
Dwight Howard: Pre-Draft 6'9 without 6'10.25 with shoes => 6'11
Chris Bosh: Pre-Draft 6'10.25 without 6'11.5 with shoes => 6'10
Mike Beasley: Pre-Draft 6'7 without 6'8.25 with shoes => 6'10

we made the shaq point clear he is listed without shoes.

why the hell is bosh listed not only at but everywhere smaller than dwight although he has the same size without shoes as dwight has with shoes?
i always thougt the pre draft measurements are pretty accurate but can somebody please explain why this is? and tell me who of the two really is taller?

i just added beasley because i thougt it was funny that a guy measured at 6'7 without shoes is listed on the leagues official website at 6'10.... pretty funny to see beasley grow right?

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