The Post to end all the Rubio Discussions.

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The Post to end all the Rubio Discussions.

Ok everyone seems to think Rubio is overrated and is not athletic enough etc.

I'm sorry but didn't this kid just play in the Olympics at 17!?

How many Players on the Redeem team said he was Amazing for his age, and played out of his mind against Thee BEST athletes in the world?- All

How many of those players said they would love to have him on their team?- All

How many of the past lets just say 5 drafts have Pg's in those drafts played against thee best players in the world and looked extremely comfortable?-

Some names for you, Williams was barely playing until the end of his rookie season...Paul is Paul..Derrick Rose...took him a whole season to play at the level he did during the playoffs. Rajon where was he before this year? How good was Nash before his time before Phx? I mean the list goes on and on.

Point being it takes all these players time to get used to the game with it's amazing athletism, and skill. Rubio did this change in ONE GAME.

I am not saying he will be the greatest thing since Magic...but if u ever even consider him overrated just reread above until u get it. Try to say look at his stats or how slow he is then i say.....ReRead.

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Rose was killing it from day one

So was Paul. Rondo was the best defensive point guard in the league his second year, it took winning a title for people to notice but I did. What are they suppose to say he sucks. They know the kid has a future in the NBA and he was 17 so why would they bad mouth him. Those same guys are coming for his head like he aint nothing when he steps on that court. Like dude said 4 point 3 assist. You act like he destroyed dudes. Yes he held his own. I will let Rubio be Rubio and not compare him to guys like Nash, Billups, CP3, Rose, and Rondo. If he gets to that level I will be happy for the kid. Looks like if he comes along right he will be an exciting player,but I seen hype of plenty of guys not pan out. He can sell me on it when he is killing guys everynight in the NBA. Just like all these guys will have to. Only person I am certain on is Blake.

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lol...they ALL also said the

lol...they ALL also said the yi could would be nice and they would love to play with him too....i cant recall this street ball guys name but i remeber him playing against alot of the nba stars while at the rucker and they all said he could play in the leauge but when he got a tryout he got cut during the first cut...and like scout said you really think they gonna say aww naw he say read what fernandez said (played on his team at the olympics and against him many times in spain)."its gonna take him some time to adjust because the nba is a different game".....anyway good topic to get people to reply to youre post though

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love yours check mine out ricky rubio has alot of hype,but
trying to stop this rubio b.s. also

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