Possible trades just for fun

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Possible trades just for fun

The Celtics are working their tales off trying to work their way back into the draft and into the top 10 picks. The are allegedly holding Ray Allen's expiring contract as trade bait and if pushed may be willing to part with Rajon Rondo to get a chance to select Tyreke Evans. The Mavs are also trying to pry their way into the lottery, offering Josh Howard as bait in an attempt to select Jordan Hill. The Wizards have thier choice of trade partner holding the pick #5 and actively trying to work out the lottery. Both teams have attractive offers for the Wiz, giving them the chance swap bad contracts for expiring ones. Unfortunetly only one team will be able to trade with Washington so the other team may scramble to find a new trade partner. I think the Timberwolves may have some interest at #6 and would at least listen to some offers. Best case scenario for Minnesota would be Boston knocking at the door an offering Rondo. The T-Wolves were actively pursuiting Rondo as part of the Garnett deal, but Boston refused to give him up. This could be a second chance to get the budding star pg and not have to wait for a rookie pg to develop. The T-Wolves may also have interest Ray Allen if the Celtics refuse to put Rondo on the market. They are a pretty young team and are in desperate need for a verteran shooter to compliment the post play of Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. This draft is deep in PG's and one of the second tier players should fall to Minnesota at #18 helping the situation but, they really don't have any bad contract to exchange for Allen's Huge expiring contract. They can match the numbers with their own expring contracts which helps Boston, but the Celtics would almost certainly have to offer future 1st round picks to sweeten the pot.
If it is the Dallas Mavericks knock on the door the Wolves would have the opportunity to add a potential all-star at the 3 with Josh Howard. His contract is also an expring contract and there is no guaruntee he would stay longer then the on year he has left on his contract, so the Mavs would also have to offer future first round picks to make this work. All three trades are finacially feasible in reality.... I worked them out through the trade machine.

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